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Hello Fellow FZ/MT Bretheren

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Hello everyone. I just picked up a new 2018 MT 07. Traded an 09 FZ1 in on it. I took it out today for the first time and I will say it takes getting used to, going from an inline 4 to a parallel twin and dropping almost 300 lbs, and a bit of HP. First impression is that I do like the fact it is nimble in the corners. It turns almost by just thinking about it. The seat is not so comfy after about 100 miles and it's really grippy, too. With all that nimbleness and light weight I don't see me using up my brakes, just think and turn. ;)


I go the grey/hi-viz yellow. I love the colors. I think I am gonna go play on an MSF range to become more acquainted with how it handles at lower speeds.


I hope to find some good suggestions on exhaust (it's a bit quite for me) and maybe a windscreen, if that won't interfere with getting the key in and out of the ignition.



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Welcome.  If you look around the forum you will find lots of posts about exhausts and windscreens.  The exhausts for the FZ-07 will fit but the headlight assembly is different for 2018 so there are fewer options for windscreens (so far, but that will change soon).

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