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Simon Lockington

Replacement of wiring to fuel injectors

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Simon Lockington

Hi guys,

This morning I washed my bike and went to start it.  It ran really rough and displayed 5D_39 on the dash.  This means "

Injector: open or short circuit detected." according to the fault code info I could find.


I ran the bike a minute or so and found the right hand cylinder wasn't as warm as the left so assumed it was the right hand injector giving trouble.  After pulling off some of the covers and snooping around I saw the wiring to the injector seemed to be frayed and definitely looked like the kind of thing that would give a short.




My problem is I've been struggling to find the necessary replacement part for this plug/wire.  Looking at this site:  https://www.motorcyclespareparts.eu/en/yamaha-parts/2014-mt-07-motorcycles/electrical-2 I'm assuming it's part 14 (Wire, Sub Lead), which looks like it's a whole harness that I'd have to replace all over the bike (ie a big job).  


Just wanted to see if any of you had any thoughts on the part I need (and also where I could get it)?  If possible I'd like to have a go at this myself, but I'm not too proud to take it to the dealership if necessary.


Thanks for your time guys.



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The one you've picked out isn't even the main wiring loom. That's #8 here https://www.motorcyclespareparts.eu/en/yamaha-parts/2014-mt-07-motorcycles/electrical-1

As the injectors are in neither of those diagrams, it's hard to know. 


If need be to get a better look, you might have to remove the tank and whatever to get at those injectors. 


I'm thinking yer  best bet would be to repair the wiring at the plug. The lugs will almost always come out of the plastic plug, so new bits of wire could be soldered to the lugs and then reinserted into the plug


The next question - how did it get that way? Critter food? 



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Simon Lockington

Thanks Rick

To be honest I have no idea how it got like this!  I haven't seen any evidence of critters around, however it is parked outside under a cover so it is possible.


Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.

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