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How To Repair Hole In Carbon Fiber Exhaust Pipe

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I did a search on holes in carbon fiber muffler and couldn't find anything on it specific to my problem. I found a small hole in it on the underside and it needs repair. What I feel I have to keep in mind with any repair job is 1. How it looks (I don't want to wrap any type of tape completely around it) and 2. Will it stand up to the pressures and heat? 


So, does anyone have any experience with repairing carbon fiber of know of any kits/ways to patch this hole? I did find a type of puddy on you tube that's made for repairing carbon paddles but will it work on carbon exhaust pipes? I'll have to call them and ask them if it's heat resistant/if it will work on holes in carbon fiber mufflers or will it come out or crumble away under the heat.   https://burnwater.com/products/putty-repair-kit


I'm going to take it to a body shop and ask them for advice but any help would greatly be appreciated! Now on to my next thread about how a SW-Motech center stand can put a hole in your Akra carbon fiber pipe.





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Are you able to open the pipe to replace the packing? If so I would think you could use some of the techniques on youtube to patch the hole from the inside with carbon fiber and then just apply a coat of epoxy to the outside in order to maintain that gloss finish.


Of note, I have never worked with the material before, but if the hole isn't that large and is on the bottom, trying to fix it from the inside will hide any beginner mistakes and all you have to do is replace the packing (which I would assume would fit around any extra material you add to fix it and bring some sound deadening back into the pipe like it was new). Then a quick dab of clear epoxy on the outside and I don't think anyone would be able to tell without taking it off and looking closely.

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