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What Size Rivets?

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I recently purchased some ceramic muffler packing to do a repack on my Akra carbon fiber pipe but I have no idea what size rivets it takes. 3/16 in.? 1/4 in.? (???) Any help would greatly be appreciated.

In case anyone is wondering what materials I'm using:





Edited: Just bout some of this to wrap around the ceramic packing to help keep it in place and further reduce vibration, noise and heat to the outside of the muffler.


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Maybe this?  There are 4 part numbers listed so I'd  call them and ask.  They've got awesome customer service.



Or, once you have the rivets drilled out, you can use a drill bit to measure the diameter of the hole.  For the length you'll need to measure the total thickness of what you're riveting together and get rivets with that grip range (or multiply the thickness by 1.5).  If you go to a hardware or parts store, take an old rivet with you and choose a head that matches.   I don't know if they're aluminum or stainless (I would imagine stainless), but you can tell when you get the old one out.  

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