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off idle, throttle input clack

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I made another post a while ago about my surging issues and I think this might be related. The plugs and airfilter didn't help a whole lot with the surging, but it did improve some.


Anyway, When at idle, if I blip the throttle (god it sounds so good with the akra on it), every once in a while it'll make a real sharp clacking sound. It might be pre-detonation or piston slap or something, I'm not honestly sure. The engine is otherwise behaving normally like when I first bought it. It's just that occasionally I get this sound off idle, and even more rarely, it will outright stall (generally due to bad timing with the low end of the previously mentioned surging - it dips as low as 900 rpm when its really hot)


engine Mods:

Akra Ti,

FTECU + Autotune

K&N Airfilter

25,000 km


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