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$50 Revzilla Gift card card contest!!

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Ok, we are giving away a $50 Revzilla Giftcard! Who wants it? 




Our software will randomly select a member from the Member Map at the top of this forum. So, to be eligible you must have a pin on the Member Map.  You must also post a pic of your bike below. Any post will do.  


The give away is July 16th at 7:00PM Pacific time.  The winner will be emailed and after confirmation, I will send the winner their gift card via email. 


If there is no reply or confirmation within 24 hours, I will have the software randomly select a new winner. 


To place your pin on the member map, simply click the member map button above and then click the button to enter your desired City and State. I suggest against letting the software find your location because in some cases, it can actually post your actual address. 


And again, you must post a pic of your bike below. 


Revzilla has always been a friend of this forum and their shipping and return policies are the very best! 


Get your pin on the member map and post your bike pic below. GO! 


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Is the cut-off date/time to send in a pic the same as the "give away" date and time or is it sooner? If sooner, what's date & time? Thank you and thanks for the contest, been awhile!

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