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Front blinkers and DRL, decisions, decisions...

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Hi, I'm new member of forum but I've been following it for a while...


I recently installed some LED blinkers on my 07.


Front : CNC Racing with integrated DRL

Rear : Lightech stripes


I like the rear Lightech, the size is good and they are really bright.


I'm not so sure I will keep the front blinkers tho...

They are a bit on a small side. They are decently bright but not as much as I'd like to and because they are small, I'm affraid I will have trouble with Cops.


The thing is there is not so many blinkers with integrated DRL.

I know about the Blinker-Genie but I'm aware that some blinkers are not made to be run as DRL.


So here I am, decisions-decisions...


I think I will cancel the DRL and buy another bigger set of CNC Racing led blinkers without DRL.


I don't have alot of electrical knowledge so here is my question : If I cancel the DRL, what I should do with the DRL wire ?

Actual front blinkers :
Actual rear :
The one I think I will replace my actual front blinkers with ( bigger, brighter and visible from the sides but no DRL ) :
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My 07...



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I run pretty much the same style signals on the front as the CNC's you posted a pic of without the DRLs. All I did with the 3rd wire was electrical tape it up to keep water out and tucked it away. No problems or warnings on dash.

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