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Fear of rear wheel sliding out in a corner

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I personally have never dragged the feelers on my FZ-07, at least I think I haven't. I do get her over plenty on both left and right side according to the rear tyre's. I will say for the record, the previous owner had changed the preload from the 3 position to the 5 on the rear shock. I never felt like I needed to change it it again in either direction at between 150-170 lbs (depending on what time of year).

8 hours ago, topazsparrow said:

but if you're regularly dragging those on the street you're either going too fast or you're riding poorly (counterleaning).


6 hours ago, topazsparrow said:

Man, even in the canyons, if you've got proper body positioning you shouldn't be scraping really.


That being said, I think with the soft stock suspension it might be a lot easier... so thats a factor.

Both points here may have some reasoning to my statement.^^^^^^^^

And this one is how I feel👇👇

6 hours ago, Cruizin said:

Up in the canyons/mountains I lean all the way over but in town there is no need to lean like that.

I do live in Arkansas and my rides are mostly country/canyon roads, well paved, but can have a lot of washouts,debris,deer, and quarry trucks, so maybe I ride on the cautious side of getting her over !???

Off to the trackday I go.

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Now if your feelers aren't scraped you feel you aren't worthy. Ha!

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As I took my first lesson on cornering the first thing my instructor did was to take off the feelers.

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