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  1. The YSS MZ456-310TRL-39 TL;DR: YSS makes a quality shock for a “Grey Market” price in between iffy retrofits like the 18+ MT or 600rr shocks and paying for a properly set up guaranteed quality piece like the Ohlins/K-Tech $500-$600 It’s a 46mm shock, 16mm shaft, ~312-14mm in length, Adjustable length, Preload & Rebound, Nitrogen Filled. Single Preload Collar with set screw. Replaceable spring, probably rebuildable. Spring I received was 56-120 like K-Tech unlike the Ohlins which is 115. The packaging is very basic. There is Taiwanese everywhere but has everything translated in english. And it’s properly translated showing they care. Bumpstop has YSS molded into it showing they care about the small details, nitrogen valve cover has a paint mark for indicating if the screw was removed. Finish seems good, no visible imperfections although I question if the lack of coating will effect protection against corrosion. I’d also prefer it be a twin colar preload but at least it has another setscrew location in the back if you ruin the first set screw. Probably could fit a spare collar and get rid of the setscrews. There are no bushings on the mount like the Ohlin’s one which may cause wear but K-Tech & stock are similar. None of the FZ/MT-07 shocks have bushings on the clevis. I had the shock set to factory preload and felt it needed to be turned down a bit because my bike had no static sag. That moved the collar closer to my Hordpower intake. I worry about the clearance so I won’t be adjusting further until I have my suspension properly tuned. Riding Impressions Feels way better, spring is much better suited for my weight and the compression damping made a huge difference. Ohlin’s recomendeds 14 click rebound and Ktech recommends 16 clicks. I tried 14 clicks from full soft initially but that felt too aggressive for my bumpy test loop. 10 Clicks is where I settled on. Overall an amazing upgrade, highly recommended although it is further pointing out my lackluster front forks. Cost $341.83 shipped from Italy via Ebay, look around and you may be able to get one for $320. Bottom line Seems like a quality shock priced in between retrofits like the 18+ shocks or 600rr shock and paying for a properly set up, guaranteed quality piece like the Ohlins/K-Tech $500-$600. You are taking a gamble buying via Grey Market a.k.a. no returns, questionable parts.

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