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  1. So I bought a fender delete and a new tai light for my bike the other day and didn't realize that the fender delete didn't come with a plate light till after I put it on. and cant find a plate light that has the right plug for a mt07 on it and I found a adapter on eBay but the person doesn't ship to the united states. does anyone else know where I can find a adapter like the one in the picture here? must be Female to split end.
  2. It is with a heavy heart that I post this, but I think it may be time to list my bike for sale (my wife's nearly new 2017 CB300f is also up for sale). I haven't really had the time to ride nearly as much as I would like recently, and with some family priorities changing, I don't see that changing much in the near future. It doesn't help that the riding season in the northeast is so short. It has ALWAYS been garage kept and I'm not into racing or stunting in the slightest. It really is "like new" condition, and I've been very careful about what I've done with it. That being said - the bike is financed, so potential buyers would need to be ok with it and willing to work around it. I'm more than willing to work with someone who is serious about buying the bike, but if it's too much trouble I just won't bother with selling at all. It's a 2018, and it was purchased brand new from a local dealer in April of 2018. It currently has just 2,034 miles on the odometer (like I said, just haven't had the chance to enjoy it). I've spent a silly amount of money on extras, considering how little I've been on it. Most of my additions have been documented on this forum too. See my thread for pics and details: (Just to be clear, the thumbnail is not my bike - it's another member's, we have the same bike color and he gave me the idea for the seat color. I don't know why the thumbnail is showing his bike and not mine?) 2018 MT07 ABS 2,034 miles $7,000 It comes with the following extras: Dave Moss front suspension mod (removed 10mm from fork spacers and installed heavier oil) R6 throttle tube swap (still have stock) I also bought a matching OEM R6 left grip so that they match but never installed it) FT ECU flashing kit (USB cable installed on bike to allow connecting laptop to load tunes) software license and Datalink cable are registered to me/my bike, but I'm willing to transfer it all over 2 Wheel Dyno Works tuned (mild tune - for a mostly stock bike and just overall improvement from factory) USB charging port wired to the factory installed charging plug This was all done very nicely with a plug and wire kit so it unplugs just like it was installed from the factory Battery Tender cable (I'll also throw in my battery tender jr.) Womet tech frame sliders and rear axle spools/sliders TST Industries front and rear LED turn signals and flasher relay TST Industries fender eliminator and LED license plate light (I kept all the old fender and tail hardware) Rhinomoto bar ends with Amazon bar-end mirrors (OEM mirrors are included) Puig short windscreen Cortech Super 2.0 magnetic tank bag Nelson Rigg commuter tail bag Corbin Custom seat (OEM also included) I also have several jackets that can go with the bike for a clean sale Also worth mentioning in case anyone's looking for a small starter bike: my wife's nearly new 2017 Honda CB300f is also up for sale. That one has less than 1500 miles on it and a nice purple vinyl wrap job.
  3. Hope your all doing good, I was recently hit by a distracted driver and the bike had some broken parts , among them what concerns me is the bent frame, my insurance however has agreed to repair the motorcycle, how safe would repairing a bent chassis of a motorcycle be in terms of riding. Should I ask them to write off the motorcycle, or go ahead with the repairs.
  4. Selling a like new Ohlins STX46 Street Rear Shock for Yamaha FZ-07 / MT-07 / XSR700 models. I purchased this brand new from Revzilla for $600 and installed on my 2019 Yamaha MT-07. I rode it for less than 100 miles before my wife took over this motorcycle. The shock is overkill for her style of riding, so listing it for sale. Like new condition, no issues - cosmetic or mechanical. Asking $400. *SOLD* Please email cpwake @ gmail.com if interested.
  5. Spatt

    FZ07 Race Motor Builds

    Getting busy with MotoAmerica builds but still have time and capacity to fit orders in before the start of the season. We are a dealer for: JE Wiseco CP/Carrillo Cometic Web Racing Camshafts Yoyodyne Millennium Technologies From a simple build with drop in cams and an undercut trans to a full MotoAmerica build. Even make it simple for customer with helping to arrange shipping for entire bikes being sent to us, built and returned tuned ready for the track.
  6. MT07Turbo

    MT07 FZ07 Turbo

    Dyno results are with stock internals and 6lb of boost
  7. I'm looking for a splashguard to fit over the back tire so I can have rider protection from upwards spray, like this. However, I'm only finding parts for the older models (FZ07), and not the newer MT07s. Anybody used one before? Do you think I could fit the model linked above to my 2019?
  8. Not sure if this is how they put the sprocket on or gets this color during hardening or if the cam chain is too tight.
  9. 2020 has been a heck of a ride so far. We have had some really good development with the Sv650’s in the off-season. Seems we be in a holding pattern with at least the first round of the Twinscup most likely to be delayed. Back a couple months ago we got a call to see if we’d be interested in helping a rider with his program for the FZ. Having spent plenty of time on the FZ and having tons of parts on bike in the MA paddock it seemed like a great opportunity. The bike arrived and looks like we have our work cut out for us. It was determined it would be better to start with a new frame as a clean slate. From the original bike we will be using the following parts: -Engine Cases -Forks -Shock -gauges -aRacer ecu, wideband and quickshifter -Rotors -Calipers and lines The rest will need t0 be replaced... Should be a fun build. Stay tuned for the tear down and inspection to build from the frame up.
  10. I've got the OEM Yamaha saddlebag supports coming and I've got the Nelson Rigg Sierra bags. But I am wondering if they are the best fit for the OEM bag supports. The Yamaha bags are much more expensive and don't seem to have the capacity. So I figured I'd hear from the professionals (y'all). Any thoughts/ideas?
  11. Hello Everyone, A newbie here to the forum. I have a 2019 MT-07. Just bought the DNA Stage 2 Air filter and air box lid replacement. I also purchased the FTECU bike side ECU flashing kit. I am in process of choosing a full exhaust, probably the 2 brothers black series. My question is where can I find fuel maps for my set up? After purchasing the FTECU set up, I see that there is not a specific map for my set up. I need some advice on where to get the fuel map files, I cant seem to find anything for my year bike or my ECU (2RS-8591A-20US). I see active tune is an option, but I'm not sure if that is the way to go. Any help would be appreciated!
  12. Hi, has anyone tried to convert a 2018 Yamaha MT-07A from 35kw to 55kw at a Yamaha dealership after ECU flashing with FTECU? I got this problem that the Yamaha official software does not want to make the change and shows an error that some kind of file is missing. I tried flashing the Stock file from the FTECU but it also did not work (shows the same error). I tried contacting the FTECU but with no luck, i wonder if there is a way to restore my ECU to an OEM state. I also contacted Yamaha and they told that the only way i to flash the OEM ECU file with the OEM software but i don't know where can i get the OEM file since my dumb ass did not save it before flashing.

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