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  1. We decided to support the members on FZ-07.org that might be building bikes for the track. The FZ-07 is an expensive bike to set up for the track and needs a lot of attention to get it all sorted (read $$$). Our products are the most widely used of any in the MotoAmerica twins cup championship. We are offering 10% off the entire site minus a-Racer products. At checkout add "fz07.org" to receive the discount. The whole Robem Engineering project is just a side business for the love of racing and motorcycles. We have further narrowed the focus to youth rider development, hoping to help riders moving from the Jr Cup transition to Twins Cup with the hope they will move on to bigger and better things. My full time gig is working as an Engineering Manager overseeing the design and manufacture of products for an International company at various sites around the globe. The production of parts are done in small batches in my shop based in Ohio.
  2. So I’m finally finished with my bike and riding again! After a few rides I think it’s time to review some of the parts I have installed. First up: hydraulic clutch the clutch works flawlessly and the pull of the lever is about the same but it has a better feel over the cable I think. Second up: two brothers exhaust oh man. This exhaust is a beast. It sounds so good and deeper & I already had an m4 slipon. I also got some significant power gains with my filters & autotune setup (had the m18 bung already on) The aluminum finish was only 550 with tax on amazon and shipped in two days. Totally worth it. Third up: 2005 CBR600RR rear shock with pod filters (required) the rear shock was probably the best upgrade of all. I bought it on eBay for only twenty dollars! Install was fairly easy with shims. Plus the dual uni filters were 30 total. So 50 bucks this bike handles like a totally different bike. Way more confident feel going into corners and bumps mid corners no long feels like a bucking bronco! Fourth: power commander & autotune i know a lot of people on this forum are into ecu flashes but with this combination it’s like a different bike. I set my afr at 13.2 and 13 WOT. And this bike is so smooth and powerful now. And my fuel economy actually went up! About 165 miles to a tank now! Up about 15 miles from before. Plus the install was fairly easy and there isn’t a lot of wires everywhere like most people are afraid of. Lastly: all the 2018 parts totaled around 500 dollars and I think improved the look dramatically. (Now I need a windshield )the best part is I’m just happy to back riding again. Ironically my first ride there was two deer standing across my street when I got back.
  3. Short video I made while installing.
  4. Hi guys, My name is Daniel and I am part of a Formula student racing team Rennstall Esslingen (www.rennstall-esslingen.de). This season we are building a new powertrain unit based on a 2014 Yamaha MT-07 engine. We are also adding a Rotrex supercharger... The reason I am writing here is because we have an issue with the initial power-up of the engine after the rebuild that includes custom engine internals. We are going to run the engine with a Bosch MS4 Sport ECU or a MoTec M400 and some different sensors but we are unable to access the original Yamaha ECU and its base Fuel and Ignition maps. There is a lot of information on the internet but any maps that are available are locked to a specific SW and format. The big question is how can we get hold of the base/stock fuel and ignition maps in a neutral data format so we can create our maps on the custom ECU. We would greatly appreciate any help or suggestion. Thank you for your time! P.S. Attached is a little photo for those interested to see the engine in an unusual place :).
  5. Just checked the Yamaha Canada site and--low and behold--we now have an MT-07, MT-09, MT-10 and a Tracer 900 listed for the 2018 model year. http://www.yamaha-motor.ca/products/list.php?group=MC&catId=79&year=2018 http://www.yamaha-motor.ca/products/list.php?group=MC&catId=1&year=2018

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