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Found 5 results

  1. Revzilla's got the Schuberth C4 Pulse Helmet on sale for like 50% off. I really like the idea of having comms with fellow riders, and the company talks the talk. But the reviewers say the helmet doesn't walk the walk. Anyone have experience with this particular helmet? Any have a suggestion on a like-brand that can provide superior protection/comfort and offer integrated communications? Sound off!
  2. Hey everybody, I'm getting close to the time to replace my helmet. I'm currently using the Shoei RF-1200 along with my FZ-07. As nice and comfortable the Shoei is, I don't feel like it's a good fit for my riding style. I mainly cruise the Austin, TX country roads nowadays and sometimes spirited riding in the twisties. My question is for the Schuberth S2 owners out there. How do you like it? Other than crash protection (ECE 22.05, Snell, etc.), I'm looking for comfort and quality of life features. The Shoei RF-1200 is made for the track so it's not as good in terms of wind noise dampening (but great in ventilation) which is why I'm considering the Schuberth. So maybe the Schuberth S2's internal drop down sun visor and reputation for quietness would work for me? Feedback is appreciated!
  3. Ok, so im kinda thinking about replacing my helmet. Would like something that fits better. Currently using an old HJC symax 2 thats still in pretty good shape. Anyway, im making a shortlist of what i want in a new helmet. Price will of course be a factor to a point. Anyway, ive been dealing with visor fogging ever since my first bike....we all know the struggle. Ive heard good things about pinloc equipped visors, but i was doing some shopping and found many popular HJC helmet styles (dot approved of course) made for snowmobile/alaska use lol. They come with a double lens with an air pocket to prevent fogging just like a pinloc. Im wondering if these work as well because since they are designed dual lens, they have a much larger uninterupted frame of view. Thoughts???
  4. Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and stuffed their face full of good food. You can also stuff your face into a new helmet through our 17% OFF promotion good through the end of the year! Promotion also applies to all helmets, visors, and accessories. All the best brands and models, like the X-Lite X-802RR Ultra Carbon, Suomy Dovizioso Replica, Nexx XR32 Carbon Pure, Shoei X-Fourteen, and much much more! We can also get any Arai model as well, but you have to call us, they are not listed on our site yet. - Paul http://www.bellissimoto.com
  5. Quick release helmet locks, that is. Other than being able to fasten them slightly quicker than DD rings, I see no benefits, but a lot of downsides. 1. The bulky lock always seems to push uncomfortably against my neck. This was much worse when I had an 18 in neck, but even my current 16 in pencil neck gets in the way. 2. Other than the ratchet system used on a few, they never seem to retain their adjustment and are next to impossible to tighten once locked. So they tend to be slack. 3. The ratchets cannot be infinitely adjusted and usually end up too tight or too slack. 4. The quick-locks often is a serious PITA to open. Especially of the strap is properly tightened. I actually had to cut off a strap and throw away a helmet because none of us managed to get the lock to release. 5. I do not trust that the plastic lock will hold up after a couple of years of wear. Not being able to perfectly adjust the strap depending on the conditions (scarf/no scarf etc) is for me the worst of these points, but also the problem of getting the lock to release have been PITA on the cheap AGV I'm currently using. So today I cut off the quick-release lock and moved over the D-rings from my recently crashed helmet. Ahhhh, so nice! I'm getting a new Shark, but will continue to use the cheap AGV to and fro work - 2 miles of 30 mph or less - since it's a rough life for a helmet with lots of on/off and stuff in the hair for modeling.

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