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  1. Background I ordered the Yamaha OEM heated grips for my FZ last week. I had ridden 2 winters here in the Seattle, WA area where my hands would be the only cold part of my body (even with insulated gloves) and would be in pain before I got to work. Going on winter #3, I said "enough is enough". I'm usually good to about 40 degrees where below that it becomes a bit uncomfortable. I ordered the Yamaha OEM grips because of the location/style of the "heat controller". I don't like how Oxford has that big square controller that takes up an unnecessary amount of real estate for such a simple function (pic example here). Ordering Info: Unfortunately, The Yamaha grips must be ordered from the Euro site if you want to get them from an official Yamaha online store. The US site lists them but says "you must contact a dealer to order". I didn't want to pay $200 and wait a month to get grips from the Euro source, so what I did was search eBay for the grips part number and filter on "US sellers only". A couple results pop up on occasion. I was able to get the grips to my door in 4 days for about $120. Euro Link: https://www.yamaha-motor.eu/uk/accessories/genuine-options/comfort/grip-heater-120/YME-F2960-00-00/details.acc US Link: https://www.shopyamaha.com/product/details/universal-grip-heaters?b=Street+Motorcycle&d=28|28&dealernumber=&nw=yamaha-motor-company Review: "Heat Controller" looks integrated and is barely noticeable. It is easy to operate and pretty much impossible to accidentally trigger it. 3-level heat function - max level was actually too hot for 45F degree riding They get plenty warm! They only take 15-30 seconds or so (depending on level) to start getting warm. Grips are same length as OEM grips - no readjusting/moving of controls necessary Grips have open ends and endcaps (no cutting needed) so that you can fit them over any bar configuration. Installation was a BREEZE! No splicing needed. Connect a couple of waterproof connections and route to your battery under the panels. Done! It even comes with a fused power line. Grips detect voltage level so that when you turn bike off, grips auto power down in case you leave them on Pics: The worst part and only hiccup was trying to slide this grip on... there is 0 clearance. This alone took me like 20 minutes lol REVIEW UPDATE: I have been commuting all week in exactly the kind of weather I bought these grips for. It has been about ~34-39 degrees for a 45 minute commute where 80% of it is highway. With these grips at max my hands feel GREAT. I used to have tons of pain from the cold after only about 5-10 minutes. Now, I am comfortable the whole commute. Even without hand guards, the inside of my hands gets warm enough so that the outsides aren't too bad. Also, here are some pics with my hand on the grip in my setup. Some people were concerned about lack of grip space with these. As I said, I have size XXL gloves/hands. It looks tight with the bar-end mirror but they don't interfere at all when riding - I don't even notice them. My hand kind of nestles in under that curve in the bottom right of my mirror.
  2. I thought I would post my experience, having just removed the Yamaha OEM Heated Grips from my FZ-07 and replaced them with Oxford Heaterz Premium (Touring model, which are the same size, 120mm). Why? I had thought the Yamaha grips were good, riding around Los Angeles in the winter. Kept my hands comfortable on cold days. Then, this week, I went to the mountains (around Bishop, CA). Riding with my brother in temperatures as low as 21F with Dainese winter gloves, the Yamaha grips were pretty useless. My hands and especially fingertips were freezing no matter what I did. He said his hands were also cold, but when I switched to his BMW R1200RT there was no comparison - there was about twice as much heat coming off his grips as mine sitting at a stop. I actually had to turn the heat on his down after a short time riding his bike, and he swapped back with me pretty quick after experiencing my pathetic grips! Of course I could install hand guards too, but the point is the grips themselves didn't generate nearly as much heat as the BMW grips, and I was pretty sad about it. So, I read the glowing reviews of the Oxford grips on Revzilla and decided to swap them. It was painful having to pull out all the wiring and redo it, but now they are installed, the Oxford ones seem much hotter on full - can't keep hands on them with bare skin at 100%, but could do so with Yamaha grips. I am pretty optimistic that the Oxford ones will be comparable to the BMW ones. BTW, I know the Yamaha grips have three power settings for different size bikes which you configure with a long press - I had it on big bike/max - that wasn't the problem. Once I was back where the weather was 45F and higher, I thought the Yamaha grips were quite good again. So, if you ride with weather in the 40s and especially if you have hand guards, you may be very happy with the Yamaha grips. However, if your riding includes below freezing temperatures and you want warm hands, I would go for Oxford. This is just my experience, but I wish I had read a review like this before I bought the Yamaha grips, especially since they were $120 compared to $89 for Oxford.

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