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  1. Ok, here's a quick and dirty write up on how I converted my 2017 front end to the new 2018 style. This is assuming you have a general knowledge of pulling parts off your motorcycle, a little bit of electrical know how, and can look at a thing and figure out how to put it together lol. What you do to your bike is on you. I take no responsibility if you mess something up. First, here's the parts list. Keep in mind I reused quite a few nuts and bolts from the old headlight, radiator covers, etc. so this isn't a complete list of everything if you are starting from a blank front end. Headlight assembly (reusing some parts from 2017 and earlier housings) https://www.yamahapartshouse.com/oemparts/l/yam/5aba716e87a86612183a04ec/2018-mt07-mt07jgy-parts <-Ordered the OEM parts here (1) Headlight Assy B4C-84300-00-00 (1) Stay, Headlight 1 B4C-84118-00-00 (1) Stay, Headlight 2 B4C-84119-00-00 (1) Cover B4C-84396-00-00 (1) Plate, Front UR FOR MNM3 (Alternate color options) B4C-28361-00-P1 (3) Nut, Spring 90183-061A7-00 (2) Collar 90387-06170-00 (2) Screw 90149-06328-00 (1) Bolt, Hex. Socket Button 90111-06038-00 Radiator sides (1) Cover, Side 3 B4C-21731-00-00 (1) Cover, Side 4 B4C-21741-00-00 Turn signal wiring connectors http://www.cycleterminal.com/nt040-yamaha.html <-Ordered OEM style electrical connectors here Start by yanking off the old headlight, turn signals, and radiator sides. Separate the turn signals from the headlight housing and reinstall on the new radiator sides. Install the new radiator sides and turn signals reusing the bolts and collars from the original covers. Now, what I did was use OEM style connectors and made extensions for the turn signal wiring to reach the new locations. For wiring, I used a spare 4-pin trailer wiring harness I had laying around. I just pulled the extra wire off and cut it to the right length I needed. I didn't have the right tool for crimping the connector pins to the wiring but a pair of needle nose pliers worked surprisingly well. I installed the turn signal side connector first, plugged it in and temporarily ran the wires up to the headlight area and cut the extra wiring off. Make sure to leave a little slack to account for the the motion of turning the bars back and forth! After I had everything cut and the rest of the connectors on, I plugged everything and checked that everything worked as it should. Then I pulled the extensions and wrapped them up with some black electrical tape. Then I carefully routed the wiring up to the headlight area and connected to the bike-side wiring. Make sure to route the wires up and away from the radiator and fan and zip tie any loose spots. Now you're ready for the headlight. Start off taking the old headlight cowl and sides off, keep track of where the bolts, collars, and spring nuts go and start installing the new headlight using as many of those parts as you can. The general assembly of each headlight is very similar. Headlight, side stays, cowl. The new headlight adds a trim piece underneath that is attached with 2 self tapping screws, and a nut spring and bolt in the center. Up top at the cowl, the 2 lower holes will require new longer bolts and the top holes use a nut spring and you can reuse 2 of the old bolts. Don't forget the little rubber trim that goes over the little lip underneath of the cowl. Now the new headlight has 2 parking light bulbs whereas the old one had just one. This means you'll have to splice some wiring together. What I did was splice the 4 wires into 2 on the new headlight and reused the old 2 pin connector to reconnect to the bikes wiring. To do this, you'll have to unpin the connectors. I used a tiny hex wrench to reach in and hold down the little clips so I could pull the pins out from the rear. Pain in the ass, but patience prevailed and I got them all out. Use the splicing method of your choice. I used heat shrink over all my connections. I don't know a whole lot about wiring but since I spliced 4 wires into 2, I figured I would cut down a tiny bit on the draw by replacing the 2 halogen parking light bulbs with Sylvania W5W LED bulbs. Now, on the bike, You have to replace the lower headlight mount. Just pull the old one, transfer all the rubber mounts to the new one and reinstall with the old bolts. At this point, just install the headlight like you would the old one. Tilt the headlight forward and set it on the lower mount, plug in the headlight and parking light connectors, tilt it up, and reinstall the 2 upper bolts. Turn the bike on and check the lights. Turn the bars full lock each way and make sure no wires are being pulled. Also make sure to adjust the headlight properly. The adjustment screws are at the rear and are similar to the old headlight. Also note that I installed the 2018 front fender as well. If you got this far and you can pull the front wheel and brake calipers, installing this will be a breeze. It reuses the old bolts and collars and actually eliminates a few bolts and brackets as well. Any questions please ask below and I'll be happy to answer!
  2. I Like The Look Of The New 2021 Headlight A Lot More Than The 2019 & Was Wondering If It’s A Easy Plug & Play Swap?
  3. I've recently joined the club, after waiting all my years and passing all the tests required in the UK. I've been kitting out my 2017 mt 07 and I'm coming towards the end, however I'm looking to upgrade the headlight. I've read all the current forums about this topic already but there's never really been an end point or a finalised answer. I'm looking to put a more aggressive headlight assembly on my MT, i really like the look of any of the other mt line ups headlight, the MT 03 probably being my go to one. I know there's been a couple attempts or maybe one completed one I've seen on here but I'm struggling to find sources and any guiding info. I'm more than ready to get my hands dirty so any help really would be greatly appreciated. ride safe!

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