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Found 6 results

  1. FrodoFZ

    Super Hooligan FZ

    Hey guys! Its about time I started sharing some of the progress of my project super hooligan bike, along with a little bit of the back story. I originally bought the bike in May of 2018, solely based on the motor AND exhaust note (uncorked that is). Once I started riding it I was even more so impressed with the FZ's ride-ability. Within the first week I had already put in for a 2WDW ECU reflash, SC Project CR-T full system, K&N filter, and a host of other small mods that made the bike less boring to look at. It didn't take long after that to venture down the rabbit hole in search more available options for wheels, brakes, engine mods, and full-on custom project bike inspirations. Of all the different routes to go with molding an FZ into something much cooler than a factory bike, I couldn't get away from the whole street tracker/dirt tracker/super hooligan theme and the huge number of inspirations out there. I got a lot of inspirations for my project from the Honda CB1100 TR Marco Simoncelli tribute bike, the Bott Power Buell builds, and Rough Craft's Yamaha Yardbuilt bikes, to name a few. After about a year of riding the FZ, that's when I decided to initiate this project. The whole idea behind this bike is to have the satisfaction of transforming a great bike into something even better (I understand that's subjective). When its all said and done I don't expect there to be much, if any, OEM components on this bike. So far the plan consists of the following: Major engine, wheel, brake, and suspension upgrades (read: anything that can be done will probably be done), a few pretty heavy frame modifications, and custom fabrication work including but not limited to exhaust, fuel tank, seat, etc., (both in-house and from outside sources). Here is the bike before I started the project : and here it is in it's current form: This is just a quick rundown for my project. Over all I'd say a rough estimate on progress of completion would about 25-30%, so this will be an ongoing thread when time allows. Aside from just looking at photos of other bikes for hours on end for inspiration, everything I've fabricated for the bike has just been off the top of my head (no drawings or anything!) I've tracked the progress of the build with photos, so I'll get into more detail about the steps I've completed so far, and some deviations that have occurred along the way, and some of the other fabrication tidbits and mods I have planned for the bike in a near future post. Hopefully you guys enjoy following the progress as much as I enjoy taking on this challenging project! Cheers! Austin
  2. Came home to parts done at the anodizer. I’ve decided Henry Ford was on to something with any color you want, most parts will move to standard supply of black anodizing. I’ll get them on the website and toss them on sale for a couple days to show appreciation for the community and let guys grab some spares for the track.
  3. 2020 has been a heck of a ride so far. We have had some really good development with the Sv650’s in the off-season. Seems we be in a holding pattern with at least the first round of the Twinscup most likely to be delayed. Back a couple months ago we got a call to see if we’d be interested in helping a rider with his program for the FZ. Having spent plenty of time on the FZ and having tons of parts on bike in the MA paddock it seemed like a great opportunity. The bike arrived and looks like we have our work cut out for us. It was determined it would be better to start with a new frame as a clean slate. From the original bike we will be using the following parts: -Engine Cases -Forks -Shock -gauges -aRacer ecu, wideband and quickshifter -Rotors -Calipers and lines The rest will need t0 be replaced... Should be a fun build. Stay tuned for the tear down and inspection to build from the frame up.
  4. We had the opportunity through Darren James to work with Trevor up at Flexi-glass on new bodywork for the FZ07 and MT07. The quality of the kit is amazing. The tank is molded off the FZ07 stock tank and uses the stock mounting locations without the flex or need for additional bracing of other kits on the market. Utilizing the current ZX10R wind screen. Bodywork is 2.0”narrower to avoid dragging and clearanced to avoid the exhaust in the lower. The mounting kit will be built by Robem and available on the website. Flexi-glass is proudly made in Canada with premium products. Cost estimated $800 upper, lower, tail, tank cover and fender plus shipping.
  5. Spatt

    FZ07 V4 Risers

    Spent some time the couple of nights reworking the risers to give guys height and adjustment options with their rears sets. The adjustment was a bit difficult to work out since they differently shaped and make sure the adjustment moves back and not and an angle so you can use bike jacks on the pegs. First scanned the plates alone to overlay the adjustment slots of the stock units. In the process learned a couple of things in process like any project. 3D printing a couple to double check the fitment and will be able to toss them on a bike in the morning. Since we sold out of the non adjustable risers this was a good time to spend the time and finish the new design to get them out and on a couple bikes in the shops. I will post some pictures tomorrow when they are done printing.

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