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Found 9 results

  1. Hope your all doing good, I was recently hit by a distracted driver and the bike had some broken parts , among them what concerns me is the bent frame, my insurance however has agreed to repair the motorcycle, how safe would repairing a bent chassis of a motorcycle be in terms of riding. Should I ask them to write off the motorcycle, or go ahead with the repairs.
  2. I've been searching for some braided brake lines for my 17 FZ07 abs and galfer and speigler do not offer them unless custom ordered. I was curious what the difference between the system and lines could be between the FZ07 abs and MT07 abs (which they have) Or should I bite the bullet and custom order some.
  3. I got the rear axle nut stuck on my Yamaha FZ07. In this video I share with you how I solved this problem. Ride safe.
  4. Selling a like new Ohlins STX46 Street Rear Shock for Yamaha FZ-07 / MT-07 / XSR700 models. I purchased this brand new from Revzilla for $600 and installed on my 2019 Yamaha MT-07. I rode it for less than 100 miles before my wife took over this motorcycle. The shock is overkill for her style of riding, so listing it for sale. Like new condition, no issues - cosmetic or mechanical. Asking $400. *SOLD* Please email cpwake @ gmail.com if interested.
  5. Spatt

    FZ07 Race Motor Builds

    Getting busy with MotoAmerica builds but still have time and capacity to fit orders in before the start of the season. We are a dealer for: JE Wiseco CP/Carrillo Cometic Web Racing Camshafts Yoyodyne Millennium Technologies From a simple build with drop in cams and an undercut trans to a full MotoAmerica build. Even make it simple for customer with helping to arrange shipping for entire bikes being sent to us, built and returned tuned ready for the track.
  6. MT07Turbo

    MT07 FZ07 Turbo

    Dyno results are with stock internals and 6lb of boost
  7. 2020 has been a heck of a ride so far. We have had some really good development with the Sv650’s in the off-season. Seems we be in a holding pattern with at least the first round of the Twinscup most likely to be delayed. Back a couple months ago we got a call to see if we’d be interested in helping a rider with his program for the FZ. Having spent plenty of time on the FZ and having tons of parts on bike in the MA paddock it seemed like a great opportunity. The bike arrived and looks like we have our work cut out for us. It was determined it would be better to start with a new frame as a clean slate. From the original bike we will be using the following parts: -Engine Cases -Forks -Shock -gauges -aRacer ecu, wideband and quickshifter -Rotors -Calipers and lines The rest will need t0 be replaced... Should be a fun build. Stay tuned for the tear down and inspection to build from the frame up.
  8. Hey everyone. I recently got into an accident of sorts. Well truthfully I'm an idiot. I drove out hour from my house to take some photos. And while setting up the camera I left the switch on and my battery died. Luckily I was on a slight downslope so I just push start the bike. The problem is when I let out the clutch I wasn't on the bike (yes I'm an idiot) the bike got away from because I missed the clutch (oh and did I mention I'm an idiot?) Anyway the bike fell on its left side and I broke a few things 1. The clutch lever 2. cracked the side cover (left side) 3. Bent left front fork 4. Broke off left foot peg 5. Bent handle bars I managed to get the bike home by not stopping at all (clutchless shifting) and stopping ever so often to check oil levels. Ok so that's the back story. I didn't have the energy to mess with any of it so I sent the bike in for repair. I replaced only the left shock absorber on the front Fast forward to last week. I got the bike back and now it pulls to the
  9. Hi Guys! I recently got a used 2016 FZ-07 as my starter motorcycle. My motorcycle came with an M4 slip-on exhaust pre-installed by the previous owner and it is indeed 'LOUD'. (To a point where I feel guilty starting my bike early AM / late PM). I suspect it has had its baffle/db-killer removed. But its hard for me to tell right now as I have no reference point of how it looks with a baffle inserted in. I was wondering if anyone here can help me out. (I am attaching a picture of my pipe). Also, I have read about getting a Stage 2 Quiet-Insert from M4. To install this quiet-insert, do I need to have the original baffle installed (Just in case I am missing a baffle)? Thanks a lot folks! Much appreciated!

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