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  1. Hi, I have 2022 MT 07, but sadly last week I had a head on collision with a car. I am OK but my front wheel and Fork are Damaged. Guy in my city is selling his 2016 MT-07 for parts and his front fork looks the same from the photos. The wheel looks the same too. Is there anyone who swapped it or knows if it fits? As far as I am concerned this are the part numbers of my fork: BAT-23103-00-00 BAT-23102-00-00 And this is from 2016 1WS-23103-01-00 back in 2016 it was 1WS-23103-00-00 1WS-23102-03-00 back in 2016 it was 1WS-23102-00-00 and the wheel is for 2022: BAT-25168-00-P0 and for 2016 it is: 1WS-25168-00-P0
  2. The bike specs say there is up to 130 mm of travel in the forks. Since the inside diameter of the forks is about 36 mm (or a radius of 18 mm), we must have at least of "air" inside of the forks to prevent hydraulic lock (aka, "hydro-lock"). So, with that in mind, the manual states the oil level in the forks should be 162 mm as measured with the forks fully compressed and no springs/spacers/washers inside. But, does that mean that all those components (spring, washer, spacer, plus fork cap!) really take up of space inside of the fork? This seems rather much, and I was also thinking of raising the fork oil level to get less nose-dive during braking (an effect similar perhaps to getting stiffer springs, for example). But, do all those components really take up 165 cc of space inside the forks? What's the highest fork oil level that the FZ-07 forks can safely (i.e., hydrolock-free) handle?

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