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Found 4 results

  1. After an ECU flash, is there any precautions you need to take when changing out the battery?? My concern is the ECU will return to the factory presets when disconnecting the battery
  2. user1

    FLASH !!!

    so pleased to see this particular forum thriving....!
  3. Couldn’t find a good thread for a review of the graves exhaust or even a ecu review for it. Mods feel free to move this if it fits better under exhaust. After spending a week researching different exhaust sounds and looks, I went with the graves exhaust ordered from 2wheel. Customer service was tops. Any questions I had or emails sent out answered in a quick and timely manor. exhaust review. 1- packaging done just what is expected. No worries of denting or lost parts during shipping. 2- directions had enough information for installing the pipes and hangers. Only complaints was the pipes did not get numbered one or two so fitting took a little longer to install. (Straightest pipe goes closest to the oil filter) 3- sound from this set of pipes has ample base with no delay or tin sounding low end before barking. 4- sound with baffle in is just under 100 dB Ecu flash- 1- quick turn around and just what the bike needed. 2- the engine braking is almost none at all or does not seem to hit till say 4000 rpms. Going to need to start using more breaks. 3- bike seems to be running 5 deg cooler? (Need to test this one little more) 4- mpg averaged close to what the stock setup was (again need to check with a few different tanks and driving types) 5- shipping back to me was quick and padded correctly and to not damage the ecu its self snorkel mod- couldn’t find any information on what to do or had any kind of note. All you have to do is pull the snorkel it’s self out of the air box. No need to do more then pull the seat off for this. Parts rubber and popped right out. Pictues to come when I get a chance to post them at work.
  4. Hi guys, Just got back my ECU that I had FLASHED at a reputable dealer. Bike won't fire up...just keeps cranking. Bike is a '17 FZ-07. I should say that while the ecu was out I installed new shorty levers and led signals and fender eliminator. Bike is stock otherwise. No error codes that I see on display. Any help would be appreciated. I sort of think that I am missing something simple. I have ensued ecu is securely plugged in. Thank you.

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