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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! Just bought a used MT07 three days ago. Runned like clockwork sounded perfectly and was running very smooth. Until yesterday, I took her for a small 15min ride. Halfway thru she starten running unevenly revs were going up and down. Then she stalled at the trafficlight. Power surges up and down while keeping the throttle steady. Problems seemed to be progressively worse today. Quite a lot of smoke from the exhaust and a lood knocking sound that wasn't there before. I refuelled at the start of the ride. during the loud there were some loud backfire bangs from the exhaust and I guess thats where the problems started. its a 2014 MT07 with the akra carbon race exhaust. Bike has a powercommander installed and is mapped to the exhaust by the previous owner. When I bought it everything was running perfectly. Change happend very suddenly and then quickly during the ride. Can anyone help me? Am I screwed? any ideas what it could be? Thanks for the help! is appreciated!!! P.s. I have a video only its too large to post. Will compress it and post it later.
  2. Pierre Micallef

    Firetong exhaust on MT07

    I have a 2020 MT07 and recently installed a Firetong exhaust system. This is backfiring heavily and also has become a fuel guzzler since I installed it....I love it's look and sound but am at a dilemma what to do.... Anything can be done to reduce backfire and possibly improve fuel consumption?
  3. Well, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on exhaust finally. I know there are tons of threads and videos, and I have looked at 90% of them, but does anyone have any helpful tips and tricks? I've never been quite happy with the exhaust sound and the other day while riding I ended up with a random Harley rider as an unknowing riding on a couple different roads. While I was watching the GoPro video I realized that the Harley totally drowned out my own bike. When I first saw the TOCE Razor Tip exhaust on the FZ07 I absolutely loved it. For a while when I first got the bike it was tough to find, but I was happy that it seems like they're making them on the regular now. I was also happy to see that they're US based, and even offer a veteran discount. Customer service was also top notch! I asked a question about the tune and had a reply within an hour. I have the exhaust and an MWR filter on the way. I think there's like a 10 day lead on the build time, but that'll give me time to get a new tune from 2WDW. I guess TOCE doesn't use FTECU, so I can't just get a file from them to flash the bike myself. What should I do with the old exhaust?
  4. Toce exhaust system in Las Vegas, Nevada. $650 shipped. Price is firm. Came off a 2015 FZ07, some cosmetic flaws, mostly just dirty from normal usage. Shipping to 48 contiguous states. Will reduce price for local pick-up.
  5. Hi guys, when I was changing exhaust I saw that my exhaust valves looks odd. What do you think? Is it okey or should I be worried ? My first thought was I'm runnin too much lean mixture.
  6. I have had my FZ-07 for a little over three years now. This is my first bike and I have loved it since the day I got it. I did the basic mods like blinkers, integrated back lights, tidy kit, and new mirrors right away. Since the day I got the bike I have contemplated getting an exhaust. I have read review after review and listened to too many sound clips over these years. I kept putting it off. I just felt like I couldn't warrant spending the money on it, felt like it wasn't needed. This is mostly because I kept looking at the best exhausts (which were very expensive). As well as assuming it's going to be so hard to install a new one. Once I got my stimulus check I finally told myself it's time. Better now then never. So I finally decided on the Akra ti and getting a flash ecu tune kit. Definitely a pricey combo, but I figured I waited so long, I'm going to do it right. The installation was no where as hard as I thought it would be. I am not very savvy with these sort of things, but you follow a youtube video or two and you're good to go. The only hard part was taking the baffle out, which was not a fun experience. Akra Ti Thoughts: Now I can't speak for the other exhausts, since I've only heard the Akra ti in person but this thing is amazing. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This was like a brand new bike. The sound that comes out is so mean. I do have the baffle out, and didn't test it with it in so I cant speak for that. The videos really don't do it justice. This exhaust in addition with putting a new mapping through the ecu flash changed the bike. I really feel like I'm riding a different bike, and keep finding excuses to go out and ride it. It is loud, but I don't think I'll have any issues with people unless I'm really an asshole about it. I'm writing this out because I'm sure people are like me and keep researching and contemplating if they should get one. I've seen people say that the exhaust is one of the first mods you should get. I now understand and wish I didn't wait 3 years to experience this. JUST DO IT! Old Shitty Lookin Exhaust: New Sexy Exhaust: Bonus Pics: 1st pic wheels just nice and cleaned. Second pic literally 1 second after they've been cleaned. These damn yellow wheels lol, love em but they kill me with how easy they get dirty.
  7. Just installed my new exhaust day before yesterday. Man, it improves flow! I can now feel wind from the exhaust just at idle from a foot and a half away in the garage. Rev it to about 4K and it feels like a blow dryer! Definitely has reduced power a little now though since the increased exhaust scavenging has thrown the combustion out of whack, so for sure need to get an ECU flash soon. Also, now that there's no cat, you can definitely smell the exhaust. Here's videos with the Db Killer out, and the Db Killer in You know what, though? I really wish it was louder and more aggressive. It sounds like a proper, gentlemanly-yet-assertive exhaust, for the kind of guy that cares about his neighbors and wears crocs on the weekends, but I'm a little wild and was hoping for something that would turn heads and sound like a bada**. If anyone wants to get rid of their M4 slip on and do a trade, just let me know.
  8. Forrest20

    Bung size on Yoshi R77?

    Does anyone know if the bung on the yoshi R77 is wide-band?
  9. What's up guys, I'm new to the forum here. I put a full Yoshi R77 system on my 2017 FZ07 back in March. I liked the little bit of back fire for awhile, but got tired of it. Just got the bike-side FTECU kit for my bike, installed it, threw the power commander flash tune for the R77 with stock air filter tune on it, and the back fire is still pretty bad. Any suggestions or references on who to call? Trying to not spend more money for a tune after already paying $350 for this FTECU Thanks!

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