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Found 11 results

  1. You can see in the image attached I ran a poll on Facebook and over 250 people voted, most of which were for Akrapovic. Now I'm wondering, what's everyone's favorite exhaust on here? You can either vote for which one you currently have or which one you like best. Share your thoughts above!
  2. Hi Guys! I recently got a used 2016 FZ-07 as my starter motorcycle. My motorcycle came with an M4 slip-on exhaust pre-installed by the previous owner and it is indeed 'LOUD'. (To a point where I feel guilty starting my bike early AM / late PM). I suspect it has had its baffle/db-killer removed. But its hard for me to tell right now as I have no reference point of how it looks with a baffle inserted in. I was wondering if anyone here can help me out. (I am attaching a picture of my pipe). Also, I have read about getting a Stage 2 Quiet-Insert from M4. To install this quiet-insert, do I need to have the original baffle installed (Just in case I am missing a baffle)? Thanks a lot folks! Much appreciated!
  3. Hey guys so I managed to install the PCV into my 2016 FZ07 and what a difference it made! To put you into context, the bike came with a full akra carbon system but instead of having the carbon muffler it came with a r3 GP style muffler so naturally it lost quite a bit of torque. So I installed the PCV and the map it comes with feels wayyy better than the bike without the PCV but what seems strange is that the original map feels better than the akra map and after looking at the akra map table numbers you can realize most are 0s therefore the map isnt adding much fuel into the original map at all. So my question is, could the akra map feel that off just because of the GP style muffler although the rest of the system is the carbon one which the map was created for? Also dynoing the bike or flashing it is way too much a hassle since i don't live un the US or a country with that much expertise for that matter
  4. Hey guys so Im planning on buying a new full system for my 2016 fz07 cause my akrapovic carbon one got pretty messed up. My two options are the mivv gp black steel and the black widow steel/carbon which are both pretty cheap in comparison to most brands and Ive read good comments on both. Both are almost exactly the same price with free intl shipping, only difference is the black widow one ships a lot sooner than the mivv one. So it comes down to three things: 1. looks (the black widow one looks a lot cooler that the mivv and the bw comes with a carbon fibre tip) 2. quality: I know both are very well made but i think Mivv is better known as a good brand in the exhaust making department so I trust mivv a little more 3. tuning: Theres no PCV maps for either of the two setups and theres no dyno shops around where I live so I will have to play with the maps. So my question is: which one of the two systems would you go with and why? and; which map could I use for the exhaust i go with?
  5. Hey guys so recently i bought a second hand fz07 that had an akrapovic carbon/ti full system but the carbon muffler was cracked and had some big air leaks. A local bike mechanic told me he could fit a Yamaha r3 muffler into the system and believe it or not the muffler fit right inn without any mods. The muffler sounds a little louder than the carbon one but the real problem is that the bike lost torque and i guess a little hp all over the curve since its more of a gp style muffler, I just ordered a PCV to fix this issue but around my country there's no dyno shops whatsoever so i will have to see into the problem myself. My question is: whats the best PCV map i could use for my system and what tweaks can I do to the map to make it a little better for my bike given I can`t take it to a dyno? Also do you think a baffle will help build a little more back pressure?
  6. Just wanted to post this as a heads up/warning to anyone looking to buy the Akrapovic carbon full system. I purchased mine from a reputable shop that everyone knows (starts with Rev) and it showed up looking like it was in excellent condition. However, as I was inspecting the carbon muffler, I noticed that it rattled if it was shaken in the right way. It sounded like a small metallic piece was stuck inside the silencer somewhere and it couldn't be shaken out. I tried tightening the screw holding the baffle on but it made no difference. Upon further research, I found the this was an issue that's happened before in the carbon systems for the FZ09 as well so I messaged both Akrapovic and the retailer. After waiting a few days, Akra hasn't responded, but the retailer requested a video and authorized a return of the entire system within a day. I'll be shipping this exhaust back tomorrow and will report if the issue is gone when the next one is received. Take this as a warning, even the top brands can have quality control issues, check the parts as soon as you get them. Also, deal with good retailers, because their customer service can be the difference between being satisfied with with your multi-hundred dollar purchase or not.
  7. The choice is narrowed down to an Akra Carbon or an SC-Project Conic. Other suggestion I'll look at of course though. If you've seen my crashed/repair thread here Then you know I have hairline cracks in my header pipes. I've decided instead of a band-aid fix. I'll just upgrade to a full system.
  8. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum so sorry if I am repeating old posts. Long story short is I've finally pulled the trigger on a 2018 MT-07. I'll be picking it up sometime within the next couple weeks but I can't help but drool over some of the exhaust clips on youtube. These bikes just sound so incredible with a new pipe so I'd like to put one on mine. I like the look of the Akro, and don't mind the two brothers as well, so I'm sure those will be the ones I'm looking at but wouldn't mind some input. First off, should I wait until after break in to change the exhaust? The bike is brand new and I don't wanna mess anything up by modding it too early. Second, can someone explain tuning a little bit. I know what it is and I know I'm capable of installing a power commander or the like, but how or where do you actually get the tuning setup, what sort of reliable sources are out there? Or would going to a Dyno and having it reflashed that way be better? Can you get away without tuning with just an exhaust or will it just run way to lean? Any info would be great. Thanks for the input ahead of time. I'll post pictures when my crate finally arrives!
  9. So I damaged the heat shield on my stock exhaust and I'm a bit cheap to buy a new one. Anyone have stock exhaust laying around and willing to sell this part? For clarification here is the link of the part: Link It's the "2 1WS-14708-00-00 PROTECTOR ASSY"
  10. OK... maybe I am being a little dramatic. I was on my way home last night and noticed my ears were enduring a lot more punishment compared to usual. I remembered that the metal band/rivets going around the end cap of the exhaust were starting to come loose. I get home and find this: This is LOUDER than even a baffle-out exhaust. I can't stand it. I feel like such a douche in traffic lol. I contacted Revzilla and they are sending me a replacement to the tune of $350 and two weeks time.
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/401053544981 I ordered one for my Virago scrambler project - it is so cheap it doesn't matter if I cannot use it.

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