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Found 1 result

  1. Ill save you all a lot of preface and just open with only a few points in reguard to why i bought what i did. I wanted to help keep the winter air off my fingertips and maximize the usefullness of my heated grips. In the past i have always thought handguards were a little too "dirt bike" looking to look good on a street bike. That having been said... I didnt want to spend on high end hand guards as i not only didnt know how much they would help with wind but also i wasnt sure if i was gonna hate the look on this bike. So i bought chinese handguards. Figured if i like what they do i can buy nicer ones later. Heres a link on amazon to the specific ones i bought https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01N0BUVAF/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1514048226&sr=8-2&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=fz07+handguards If you search "fz07 handguards" on ebay, youll find these same guards can also be had im white or green if anyone is interested. Shipping was much faster than the average china shipping. Took 9 days to get to my house. Packaging was also better than ive seen on import stuff in the past. Guards were well protected in bubble wrap. Out of the box i inspected them and found a couple small areas were the pastic was not smoothed coming out of the mold. I took care of those spots cautiously with a razor blade and they look fine. I wasnt bothered by this since they were under $40. Set came with mounting hardware. You can either use the supplied bolts by drilling and tapping your bar end weights if you can install them with the supplied expanding anchors and remove the bar ends all together. I used the expanding hardware because i wasnt sure if id like them. Installation wasnt much trouble (no instructions, but i dont think anybody would need them anyway). They are supposed to have a white marker light and an amber marker to tie into your turn signal. I test lit mine with a 12v battery and found the "white" light is actually VERY much blue. Not white at all. So i opted to wire them to just glow orange at all times..i tied into the circuit for the DRL in the headlamp housing. The orange is not quite as bright as the always on front markers, but looks cool and gives cagers hopefully one more thing to notice on the front of the bike. They are adjustable up and down at the bar of course and where the guard meets the bracket is a hinge with an allen bolt so the can be adjust in and out quite a bit too. I did have to make a small notch in the left bracket for the stock, super long clutch lever to clear. I may get shorty levers eventually, but its not really a problem. I shaved about an 1/8 inch with a razor and solved it. Actual usefullness....i was kind of let down at first as they didnt seem to deflect much wind at all. After trying a few different angles i found the sweet spot well they actually work quite well for me. They have to be mounted at a bit of a downward angle but once you get em in the right position they push the air just over the back of your hands. I rode to work the other morning in 40 degrees F at freeway speeds. Heated grips were set to medium and i wore my lightweight summer gloves. It was quite comfortable and my fingers werent frozen! I cant compare them to other products as ive never used them before, but im pleased with there effect combined with heated grips. I also recommend they cut a small but noticeable amount of wind off the fore arms. Definately recommend. They are plastic and jiggle a little over bumps, but not as much as the stock blinkers do haha. They were rock solid when tested doing the ton. Style is obviously very subjective. Within 5 minutes of mounting them, the look had already grown on me. Very mean, utility, transformer, adventure type look for me. Some may hate the look, but ive really begun to like the style. They have a faux cabon pattern on them, but but fits with all the faux carbon plastic yamaha already put on the thing lol. The clear visor part is easily removable with a single allen bolt. Please comment with any questions. Now....pics!

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