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Found 2 results

  1. Waiting on a battery - amazon shipper running slow, so I changed plugs early & washed the k&n. Cleaned up my chain (sort of with wd 40), the only cleaning I've done to a chain in a long time - years long time. I run quality chain dirty, adjusted, and wet and get lots of miles out of sealed drive chain. With all things from the olden tymes in mind, like growing up we just picked up whatever pump oil can was in the garage and gave the chain a dose, three times a year if it needed it or not, and these were not o-ring chains lithium lubed rivets & barrels. So that's how I'm going to run this vx3 chain, hit it once and a while with gear oil. Just enough to prevent rust, and leave the lube to DID. For curiosity and amusement. Then I thought about all the years we ran chains with clip (split style) master links, and death and destruction did not run rampant ( @klx678 has some good comments talking chain history on this site) (think @shinyribshad a chain go AWOL at freeway speed). So I just happen to have a VX3 split master link on this current chain, why not give the split master a safety wire, just so I can say I've checked it out. That's double redundant safety wires - one can fail but there's always a backup. It's @M. Hausknecht's fault - he told me to safety wire my slipp'in grip. Now I got this spool of wire and no where to show...
  2. Please help me! Earlier today I tried to replace my chain and sprockets because my old one was.. well, getting old. I'm very new to the whole DIY scene but I've saved a lot of money on previous things like, fixing an alternator, my air filter, spark plugs, etc... just some pretty basic stuff, but today I watched a quick video as usual and just followed what the guy was doing.. took off my chain, and rear sprocket while my girlfriend cleaned up the inside of my rim (lol) and then, this is where I think it gets important: When I went to change my drive sprocket, that nut was fricken ON THERE. I did what the guy was doing and hammered out the nut squeeze lock thing, and stood on the bike trying to pry that thing off, my left arm was recently injured snowboarding however so I put it the stands and my dumb ass put it in 1st gear and starting yankin on it. I felt it slip, forcing the sprocket to move counterclockwise while the engine is off and in 1st gear. So it happened a couple of times.. I finally got the nut off, finished the replacement and everything else went smoothly, get the chain tensioned and all. but before I put the sprocket cover back on I was just playing with the tire a bit.... here's the problem: The rear wheel moves perfectly fine in neutral but when I put it into first or second, my clutch wont fully disengage. If I hold the clutch down, 1st gear, engine off, I can't move my rear wheel anymore. Engine on, and of course the bastard won't stop moving. Here's what I've done: Nothing, except look at the clutch and see how much my lever was pulling in the (I think this is what It's called) "clutch perch" ... It looked like normal movement to me. Here's what I've been thinking of doing: From the research I've been doing, people aren't as dumb as me and do their drive sprocket in neutral with their rear brake (my bad). Also, Is it possible I just froze the clutch? Then I could just try and get my rpm's up, hold my clutch in and get on the rear brake to try and "unfreeze" it correct? I really don't wanna remove my clutch cover but shet if I have to I have to.. If you guys have any better guesses please help! and let me know if you need any more information, this is my first ever post for motorcycles! Thanks so much.

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