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Found 1 result

  1. Well........ It finally happened. DISCLAIMER: I am OK! Been riding for 11 years and over 70,000 miles. I have just over 30k on the FZ since I got it in Fall 2015. I was a daily commuter here in Seattle even through rain. I never stopped for anything except ice and snow. This happened last Tuesday. I had literally JUST moved into my first house the day before and it was the first ever commute home after the move. This section of highway has always had lots of intermittent slowdowns for no reason. I will never understand it. Nearly full-speed traffic comes to full stops randomly (and not always in the same spots either). I was keeping a good following distance for most of my commute but looked away for just over a second (was admiring the sun over the lake view ) and that was enough for this crash to sneak up on me. By the time I looked back, I hit the brakes but there just wasn't enough time for me to react. I probably realized what was happening by the time my motorcycle passed the van in the lane next to me in the video. I was going about 30mph when I hit. I got SUPER lucky that I didn't pancake against the car. Looks like I flew about 15 feet in the air to the right of it and didn't slide. Strained back, wrists, cuts on shin, bruised tibia on left leg, crushed my balls (the worst part) and might have a broken toe but otherwise NO major injuries. I even hit my head! I was wearing armored gauntlets, 1-piece thermosuit, over the calf motorcycle boots, synthetic padded jacket under the suit, and a Shoei GT-Air helmet. Really thankful it is was not worse. It's not often you get to say "I hit a stopped car at 30mph on my motorcycle and I was just sore for a couple weeks afterwards". I have had LOTS of close calls in my years of riding. A few things I have noticed in all of them and especially this one - I always focus wayy too much on the rear brake and not enough on the front. I locked up the rear in this crash and all I could think of was "wow, my rear is locked up" instead of "I'm actually only applying about 70% of the front brake that I could be applying". I've practiced quick stops many times, but when it comes a panic situation with 1 second to react, the rear is too easy to lock up IMO and it is distracting. I'm not talking about the FZ-07 - I'm talking about motos in general. Anyway, the FZ didn't get too destroyed. The front tire basically went under the rear of the car and wedged itself and then the tipped the headlight into the trunk. The The front forks are toast. Wheel might be bent - need to do more inspection. The brakes/rotors are rubbing something fierce, but IDK if it is because the forks are all out of alignment. Front headlight got smacked. Shaved off some of my Akra carbon exhaust and handlebars. Probably the front wheel bearings need to be at least inspected. Oh, and the tow truck driver lost my rear seat -.- But the engine still starts and runs no problem. Didn't lose any fluid. I'm not sure what I want to do yet with riding after this one. Do I fix this and keep commuting? Do I only ride on weekends? Do I never ride again? Either way, I know I'm never riding without ABS again. It would have totally helped here! How easy is it to swap whatever is needed for ABS from the new FZ? That's research I'll be doing at least. Thanks for reading!

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