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  1. Hello everyone, Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply to my post below. Earlier today I decided to tighten, clean and lube my chain. I followed the instructions in the owner's manual - but I ended up loosening the rear axle nut way too much (could spin it freely with one finger). As a result, I totally lost alignment on the rear wheel - to a point where there was a bit of play when i shook it - but managed to get it all back together and aligned both sides equally using the scale stamped on either swingarm. I even measured with a tape from the center of the swingarm pivot to the center of the axle nut on both sides and it was equal. I was still paranoid about the alignment so i went for a small test ride round the neighborhood and the bike didn't swerve or vibrate under normal progressive braking. It was when I braked really hard and suddenly with the rear brake, that I heard a distinct "clunk". Almost the same as when you engage first gear. This clunk would kick in and out until the bike had stopped completely and was accompanied by a whirring noise (similar to that of the fuel pump priming when you start the bike). This clunk would not happen while the bike is in the process of stopping but happened just about when the bike was going to stop and the wheel was going to lock. It is not something I have noticed before. Although I have never jumped hard on the rear brake before today - so by means of my paranoia I associate it with the misalignment mistake I made. It does not happen under progressive braking. Is this the ABS? Should I be worried? Below is the link to a video I took of this noise while the bike was on the rear paddock stand. Please have a look and let me know. You might need headfones to hear it distinctly. https://youtu.be/ahJdfrGlrZM

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