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  1. So id like to start by saying ive had these bags installed since 300 miles and now have almost 1100 miles. That out of the way its not a super long term review but ive used them quite alot and have been pretty impressed. As everyone knows, these are the same bags sold in the Yamaha catalog only without Yamaha badging. First impressions Install was very straightforward, took about 30 minutes with only hand tools. Fitment is good as the bags compliment the lines of the bike well in my opinion. The rail system feels a little cheap but looks nice. Despite seeming light duty, ive had no problems with loading the bags down so they are apparently up to the task. I suppose this lightness is actually a benefit in a way as the bags and rails add very little weight to the bike. The brackets and rails are aluminum and the bags are some kind of nylon/textile. Motech calls it "ballistic nylon", whatever that means. Bags are light feeling but seem tough. All zippers are smooth to operate and have rubber pulls so they dont jingle. Even un-expanded there is lots more space inside than i was expecting. General use The top load zips open generously making it pretty easy to load them. The side pockets are rather small and i find them mostly only useful for spare change and a second pair of gloves (i like to keep my warm gloves with me in case it gets chilly in the evening after work). I can also cram my helmet skirt in a side pocket if needed. They are semi solid so they hold their shape well even when empty. The bottom of the bags slide on the rails and locks down with a quick disconnect cam buckle strap, the top uses a large velcro strap across the pillion seat. I worried during initial install that this may not be too secure. I no longer have any concerns about this as ive done several freeway blasts (up to the ton, but not sustained) and one 3 hour afternoon ride down country roads averaging 50 mph with lots of turns and the bags didnt budge. Capacity I typically use these bags so as not to wear a backpack for the daily commute. So most of the time i only have a few small items with me. On occasion i have loaded them pretty good for random needs. Please dont laugh at the examples i give, this is just to show the day to day usefulness. I on one occasion found that a 6 roll package of the extra thick charmin fits gracefully in one bag. Last week i bought $50 worth of meat for a BBQ and fit it all in the bags. Every week i need to bring water to work to keep my little fidge at the shop stocked. Id hate to have to drive the cage just for a case of water. So for reference, i put 24 16oz bottles of water, one monster energy drink and an apple for breakfast split between the two bags. They didnt mind the weigh at all. No sagging or anything worrisome. In all this i have yet to need to unzip the expandable section to increase capacity. So in summation while these may not be the best long haul/touring set up available, they are a great option for the city commuter. Lightweight, easily/quickly removable and enough room for most errands i run. Final thoughts There are some small details that id like to point out that i think are nice little touches. One is the little reflective piping on the sides of the bags helping increase night time visibility. Another is the fact that the bags both have a handle and one handle has a velcro wrap on it. I think is is cool because if i ever took any overnight trip and checked into a hotel, the bags will attach to eachother at the handles when removed (which is quick cuz its one velcro strap and 2 quick connect latches) making them into a sort of little suitcase that is easily handled with one hand. I almost bought the Yamaha branded version of these bags but revzilla had them on sale for a price that was hard to beat. Anyway, for a lightweight saddle bag set at a reasonable price i am very satisfied with these. My only complaint is the strap across the pillion seat looks a little goofy. I may have to find a way to route that under the seat eventually.

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