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  1. I'm looking for just a bit more torque to give me that extra OOMPH I need getting through the city. I'm ready to re-gear my bike. I have a 2015 FZ07, m4 slip on, 2wdw flash, sprint air filter, R6 throttle tube, protaper low bars. Basic mods. I'm looking for more acceleration, and more torque but not "wheelie monster, stunt man mode." My daily commute is less than 10 miles each day. I rarely go over speeds of 80 mph. I don't really need mass amounts of top end speed. I'm constantly switching lanes, pulling out, or trying to catch that yellow light. As of right now I have my eye on a chain + sprocket kit, 520 conversion, Steel, 16/45 (+2 rear). Thats what most people recommend. +4% torque. I'm worried that I might not feel much of a difference... I found a build your own kit and it has the option of 16/46 (+3 rear, +6% torque) that will fit our bikes. Now that sounds good. however I have never seen not 1 forum post anywhere where people run that on Fz07? Is that a bad ratio or something? Ive heard of 16/47 combo and that's a wheelie machine/ stunt bike territory. Nty. Instead I see people running 15/43 (-1 front, +6% tq) which is the equivilant of 16/46. They even have "quick accel kits" on eBay geared 15/43. However, many people have said, time and again, its not a good idea to go smaller than stock up front, itll ruin chain and sprocket life blahblahblah. Which brings me back to "why don't we run 16/46?" I just want my bike to be good and not subpar filth. If I'm going to drop $150+ on regearing, I just want some good opinions. So what do you think ? 15/43? 16/45? (16/46)

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