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  1. Puig makes one for FZ-07 as well. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/puig-rear-mudguard-yamaha-fz-07-xsr700 I have it on mine and it works well.
  2. I've always heard the saying, "It's not if you crash, it's when you crash." And I believe this to be true. You're going to crash/drop your bike at least once in your lifetime as a motorcyclist. When it happens make sure it's in a controlled environment like the track and you're prepared for the damage (wear full gear, have good quality insurance, etc.)! These two videos are from Stan The Moto Man and I like that he uploaded his and a friend's crash footage to remind us all: Don't treat public roads as if they were the track Wear full gear all the time And I'll add in: crashes are expensive. You've got to repair/replace your bike, replace your damaged gear, and no riding time while you're waiting
  3. Installed the R6 throttle tube finally! Feels so much better in combination with the flashed ECU. Thanks to this install guide. https://fz07.org/thread/828/installing-r6-throttle-tube/
  4. Duke

    Reminder to new riders

    Yes, absolutely. Glad your buddy wore full gear and is relatively okay! Hope insurance will take care of the repairs/replacement? Also as a side note, I really like how you graphed out the path of the bike and rider. It really gives a nice visual.
  5. Sure! I'd be honored to help keep the quality as high as the forums. I'm /u/ducasaurus on Reddit.
  6. Nice! I'll add it to my subscriptions. I usually frequent /r/fz07 which is how I originally found this forum.
  7. Duke

    hello all

    Welcome to the forum!
  8. Duke

    Best Exhaust?

    If budget wasn't an issue, I'd personally buy the Graves over the Akra Ti without a second thought. Looks better and sounds better! But I'll stick with my Black Widow for now
  9. OMG, why didn't I think of doing that? I have the older 7K Lumen version on both of my bikes and never thought to take the halves apart
  10. WHY ARE YOU YELLING? Hehehe, welcome to the FZ-07 club! I personally had to cut my rubber housing a little bit to fit the fan motor and heatsink attached to the LED bulb. It wasn't difficult. From what I know, that housing is made for halogen bulbs that don't have the additional parts like a fan motor and heatsink. So anything like an HID or LED will require you to cut the housing to make space. I personally l prefer Cyclop's bulbs installed on both of my bikes as their long-term quality and customer service is top notch. Here's their 10K Lumen LED bulb for $79.95. And here's a quick installation video from YouTube.
  11. https://www.cyclopsadventuresports.com/Cyclops-100-H4-LED-headlight-bulb_p_192.html
  12. Duke

    Nooby Chain lube questions

    Yeah, the Motul chain lube hasn't treated me wrong at all. It's designed to be sticky to "last longer" during long rides/sessions when the chain heats up from usage. Think "race track" usage.
  13. Duke

    Nooby Chain lube questions

    I'm a visual person so this video might help you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_c_Wi1l3Fg 1) I use kerosene to clean off any chain lube but yeah gasoline works too 2) @pattonme is right on about the small gap between the plates at each pivot point 3) I use the Motul chain lube too and it is sticky. I use kerosene to clean the plate/face of the chain but leave the sticky Motul alone at the pivot points.
  14. Yes! Night time pictures please. And congrats!

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