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  1. https://www.cyclopsadventuresports.com/Cyclops-100-H4-LED-headlight-bulb_p_192.html
  2. Duke

    Nooby Chain lube questions

    Yeah, the Motul chain lube hasn't treated me wrong at all. It's designed to be sticky to "last longer" during long rides/sessions when the chain heats up from usage. Think "race track" usage.
  3. Duke

    Nooby Chain lube questions

    I'm a visual person so this video might help you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_c_Wi1l3Fg 1) I use kerosene to clean off any chain lube but yeah gasoline works too 2) @pattonme is right on about the small gap between the plates at each pivot point 3) I use the Motul chain lube too and it is sticky. I use kerosene to clean the plate/face of the chain but leave the sticky Motul alone at the pivot points.
  4. Yes! Night time pictures please. And congrats!
  5. Duke


    Honestly, the 3,800 lumen version was more than plenty. I believe anything over that is just for bragging purposes. I have the 7,000 lumen version and it is more than enough to be seen during the day time and there's no question on its performance during night time. And there was no way for any of us to predict the new 10,000 lumen's introduction. It was just put up this week.
  6. Duke


    Just a heads up, Cyclops replaced their 7,000 lumen version with a 10,000 lumen version. Ridiculously bright! https://www.cyclopsadventuresports.com/Cyclops-100-H4-LED-headlight-bulb_p_192.html
  7. Just started using the new Browse feature! It's a great addition It's like the previous function with the previous layout. I love it. Good work and thanks for everything!
  8. Duke


    Haven't used these myself but just reading the product description, it's only 1,300 lumens for $35. That's kind of pretty dim in my opinion if you're using it for headlights on the road. 1,300 lumens for a flashlight to light up a room is fine but for the road with other cars around you probably isn't enough. But if you're on a budget, it seems fine. If you have a bit more wiggle room in your budget, I'd highly suggest Cyclops as Beemer pointed out. Link: https://www.cyclopsadventuresports.com/7000-Lumen-H4-LED-Headlight-Bulb_p_169.html I have their 7,000 lumen version and it basically turns night into day. Every car on the road will see you and you will see everything ahaha because, you know, it's safer that way. Here's a video I found on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33jo1kJHfc4
  9. Cool! Post some pics of your FZ and say hi to the rest of the forums!
  10. Welcome to the forums! Yeah it's pretty simple to install windscreens. Just need a set of allen wrenches and the instructions that come with it should get you on track. Now about that $302.95 price tag... Daaaang! I don't intend to offend but why spend so much on a windscreen?
  11. You'll be fine with the whole snorkel removed in terms of water concerns. All of the aftermarket air filters (K&N, DNA, Hordpower, etc.) run without the snorkel. You do, however, need to adjust your fuel map to account for the increased air flow or you'll risk running too lean. You can do that via a Dyno tune at your local shop, Power Commander or flashing your ECU through 2WDW.
  12. ***SOLD*** Replaced my air filter and snorkel when I did the ECU flash so I want to pass these on to anyone who wants it. Straight from my 2015 FZ-07. I had 500 miles on the odometer when I took it out. Just pay for shipping & handling ($20) and it's yours!
  13. Alright, I'm convinced. Getting the Schuberth S2 in this color scheme. Going use the blue iridium visor on it, too!

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