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  1. Greg Zumbehl

    Stock Exhaust or Aftermarket?

    Has or will your slip on turned blue?. Looks like a quality piece of work
  2. Greg Zumbehl

    Oil level problems

    I had a generation 1 FZ1.[yes the bumble bee] . I also used Amsoil 10/40 after dumping my Break-in oil, and shortly after noticed I was using way too much oil. After much research from that point on to 25,000 miles I used Rotella dino oil 20/50. It is what the majority of the members of the FZ1oa group use. My oil consumption dropped to about a third of what the Amsoil was using
  3. Greg Zumbehl

    FZ-07 Riders in North Idaho

    2018 Mt07 in C.D.A. Yamaha Blue w/ the blue wheels

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