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  1. Jss

    Where to start w/gear?

    We’ll do .thx
  2. I also bought the vagabond kit. I was going to make my on bracket b4 I found that kit. I think it looks really clean. I ordered these. Less than. I figure for less than $20 why not. R&G wanted something like $75 for them?!! Should be here next week. I’m curious to see if they will look good or not. Hope that helps.
  3. Nice. With the time & though he put into it I’m sure it looks great. To bad he took down the pictures. Thx
  4. Good to know. Thx
  5. Jss

    Where to start w/gear?

    Not sure about the leather jacket only bcuz I live in Sacramento & I always run hot. But I’ll check those out. Thx for the reply
  6. Are stompgrips the ones to buy? I’m just riding around town no track days. But I would like to feel planted to my bike.
  7. Hi. Any suggestions on LED strips or lights I can install in the back inlet/outlet behind the mesh. I just have an intergrated tail light right now & would like to install a turn/brake light in that space.
  8. Late at night while browsing for parts.
  9. any suggestions on helmets,jackets,pants riding jeans or boots? Thx
  10. Jss

    Welcome new members

    New here. Just wanted to say hello.
  11. Newbie here. Just bought my  1st bike.DB68DE3D-1704-4B94-8EB1-FB299DFF25C4.jpeg.859dd68fcffdecbec5d85c812bc1dc30.jpeg


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