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  1. I can’t be the only member here from Alabama lol
  2. 1st thing I did last week when I joined was put up a profile pic
  3. 223shooter

    Rear bike stand

    Ordered a Venom paddle style lift this morning, should make chain mantince and oil changes a little easier
  4. 223shooter

    Rear bike stand

    Will check that one out also dude!
  5. 223shooter

    Rear bike stand

    Thanks guys! Prob go with the venom.. didn’t know if the PB was worth the extra hundo or not lol
  6. Looking to get a rear stand, should I spend the funds on a pit bull or will the Venom fit the bill, bike will not be stored on the stand, just used for routine mantince. What’s everyone using?
  7. I searched but nothing came up. Is there a easy way to do this ? I thought I seen someone do this with testers model enamel but I could be wrong. Could I just mask it off and brush it on.. it does get a little warm there don’t know if it would effect anything or not. Edit to add that this is on a 2018 mt, any info on how to remove them would be groovy seems to be 4 bolts and maybe a cpl clips just looking at it.
  8. 223shooter

    New MT owner here!

    It seems I’ve put my intro in the wrong spot lol, mods feel free to delete or move this post to the correct section. Enjoying the bike is a understatement! It’s a 2018 and a blast to ride! Shorty levers,ditched the stock mirrors and added the M4 exhaust, fender eliminator is next! Some good info on this site I see, glad to find it!
  9. Picked up a few months ago, love it so far

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