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  1. Has anyone seen or used this kit? https://www.walmart.com/ip/Areyourshop-CNC-Clipon-Adapter-Plate-22mm-Handlebar-Kit-For-Yamaha-MT-07-FZ-07-14-17/266552374?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=7698&adid=22222222227107880416&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=233964849513&wl4=pla-386658534463&wl5=9031573&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=117027500&wl11=online&wl12=266552374&wl13=&veh=sem&gclid=CjwKCAjwio3dBRAqEiwAHWsNVTi9RNlp-gJMM0ya2KQBOVMRmNOcVa3EwG_FqQpbdf_vUU3NGWhV-xoCvNYQAvD_BwE Wal mart clip ons?
  2. emperor_Wurm

    FTECU Flash

    Thank for the info.
  3. So, I need to get my ECU flashed. I missed the sale from 2WDW, but I contacted FTECU (they are local) and inquired about them flashing my ecu. They said they can do it and it is significantly less than 2WDW and I will have it done same day. My question is, has anyone had their ECU flashed by FTECU? I have read that it is just a generic power commander map. Is this true? Any input is appreciated, Thanks.
  4. i hit 110 mph on the 405 this morning....so that was cool.
  5. emperor_Wurm

    Rear bike stand

    Dude, Harbor Freight stand is 30 bucks. Works great. its all you need. I have spent money on the pitbull and other stands in the past....the HF gets the job done. I would recommend dipping the lift arms in some rubber coating like flex seal as the rubber that comes with the stand is shotty and only last about 3 lifts.
  6. emperor_Wurm

    American Made MOTUS, Shut down operations

    i love my dyna. it may be big and old technology, but its comfortable for long rides, easy to work on and fun. Hell a phucking vespa is fun. I dont understand the need to knock harleys. When I was younger I would knock them as well, because I was a hardcore sportbiker! As I got older and owned sport bike after sportbike, I realized that pretty much every inline 4 sport bike is the same, they got really boring. Then I bought a beat up sportster to have something different. It was easy to work on and customize, it was a great bike and I sold it for more than double what I had put into it. I bought a ducati 748, nothing like it out there. Great bike, but a pain in the ass when it came to maintaining. After a couple other thumpers I picked up my Dyna. it is a great bike for its purpose. That is why I bought the fz as well. Parallel twin. inline 4's are boring to me....
  7. emperor_Wurm

    M4 exhaust (used)

    I love it, I ended up cutting my stock exhaust to use those headers as they were in mint condition. I need to remap the ECU as there is popping on decel, running lean. Other than that its great.
  8. emperor_Wurm

    M4 exhaust (used)

    I bought this already....
  9. emperor_Wurm

    Red Bull hare scramble in Austria

    so awesome, right!?
  10. There is a single adjustable Flasher relay that TST sells. you only need one for the whole bike. Super easy to install. I believe the turn signals on the 2018 fz are a bit different. There are options for you though, but I have not looked into them....
  11. Is there a replacement guide? The first thing I noticed about my fz was how loud the chain was...its rather annoying.
  12. Yeah, bug's are the best. I love old vw's. easy to work on, easy to make stupid fast. My kids love it too because of all the attention it gets.
  13. Saturday was a great day. Spent most of the day installing M4 Slip on, flush mount turn signals, TST fender eliminator and integrated taillight, then rode around to have some fun....

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