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  1. The kit for the signals from TST have 3 wires, i.e the harness converter . On the signal light side the connector only has 2 wires so the catch is to find the right combination and not plug in the adjacent ones of the 3. Instructions don't tell you which colours to match. They even warn about this in their package.
  2. Narrowed down the issue. I blew the fuse. 10 amp, just replaced it and everything works. There are two compartments for fuses.
  3. I don't know if this is common with installing these. but now no signal light is working i hope someone can assist me with this. such a bummer. Makes no sense.
  4. Turn signal lights stopped working in an attempt to replace OEM front signal lights with TST Front Pod Turn Signal (LED Flush Mount Signals) I have installed the relay that i purchased for the TST integrated backlights. This was working yesterday /last night. Today i tried to check the correctness of the wires when installing the new LED signal and noticed it stopped working. Please help Troubleshooting so far; Checked the 4 blinkers are working - no luck Checked the fuse 2A for signalling looks good - no luck Replaced the signalling fuse just incase - no luck Reconnected the OEM signal light - no luck Did step 4 from 1 to 3 - no luck Checked the horn is working - Yes
  5. joomla

    Blown signal relay??

    I put the old back on and my signal light aren't working. I checked the fuse, 2A and is fine. Also I replaced it with a new one and the signal lights aren't working. Please help not sure what to do.
  6. joomla

    New m4 full system

  7. joomla

    New m4 full system

    So DB killer out is what your saying or in?
  8. joomla

    New m4 full system

    Seeet! Which classified ads are you referring to? I wouldn’t mind having a look there myself. I live inToronto , Canada so I hope shipment not an issue or they have affiliated Canadian facilities ?
  9. joomla

    New m4 full system

    Great new! BTW... Any other slip-ons to consider? I didn't see akrapovic or other brands with slip ons for fz07?
  10. joomla

    New headlight

    How are you finding it? Does it come in pack of 2 or just the one. Wondering how often these things are changed/replaced?
  11. joomla

    New headlight

    Did you install the eagle lights in the end or u used the Philips +100 or +130?
  12. joomla

    New m4 full system

    I'm looking to do the same, install the M4 slip on exhaust. Haven't placed the purchase yet....Do you have any tips, recommendations...how was your experience during installation phase? Is DIY simple enough. oppose to having experienced mechanic do the cutting or installation? I came across this link with set of instructions. Based on the instructions it looks simple, or there are hidden steps to consider? https://www.sportbiketrackgear.com/product_images/product_pdf/M4-Yamaha-FZ-07-Exhaust-YA6714-installation-instructions.pdf
  13. joomla

    New m4 full system

    @scratchpad What are advantages over the slip on? Only asking cause would love to know from experienced riders how they differ, full system vs slip-on? Thanks in advance!
  14. @zephyr Thanks for the tip...that's exactly it! just looking for more casual as oppose to racing type of gear... I'm in the city and dress up for work so need something that doesn't scare of people with colors, styles and fittings. These look awesome, steep on the price though https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/alpinestars-copper-riding-jeans https://www.jpcycles.com/product/805-447/speed-and-strength-men-s-bikes-are-in-my-blood-black-leather-boots
  15. @mjh937 I reached out to their support yesterday and they responded to my inqiry within half hour. and said they're shipping it tomorrow (aka today) Seems the shipment is coming from out west for Canada from Richmond, BC.. Still no email confirming this. Interestingly the original manufacturer of one of the part shipped their item right away (TST industries). Just saying considering the I do have gear just outdated helmet and jacket...looking for things that are more stylish - ....

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