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  1. Oh I was at the dealership, bruises and all, the next day looking at bikes. The 2011 Ninja 1000 replaced my Interceptor. It was an 800. Fun bike. Great ergos. Both were a blast really. VFR1200 is an over-engineered, overpriced piece of crap. IMO. But it was very light weight as bikes that size go. Definitely aimed at killing an FJR, but not up to the task of challenging a Concours. This bike... I need more time. Not sure how I feel about it. Sits about an inch too high. IMHO. My SRX600 sits a lot lower to the ground. Like a dirt track bike. Z650 sits lower than an 07. SV650 sits the lowest of the three and you sit back more in the seat. Center of gravity on the 07 is high for me since I'm 6'2" with a long torso and arms. When I lean the 07 over I think I stop short, although the tires say different. It is a beautiful motor, no denying that. I'd love to see a 5-speed model. Even the XSR700 and 900 are still geared to low, again only my opinion. It's not a twitchy throttle. It's very low, short gears that make the bike twitchy. Like shinyribs said, changing even one gear makes a noticeable difference. Yeah, I can imagine a relaxed 5-speed version but it'll never be built. But they really do owe both those motors greater experimentation across different platforms/styles. They have different styles but basically all the same frames. Same bike.
  2. I had the black and yellow 2003. Got run off the road. I had a blue 2005. Got run off the road. Cager magnet? Bought a 2006 interceptor. LOVED that bike. Got rear-ended at a stop! Me, bruised but never broken.
  3. Sorry, repost... They say those bars are about an inch wider on each side than stock. I hear some people cut them, but being lower, how's your tank clearance?
  4. They say those bars are wider than stock by an inch or so each side? If I mod I'd go with the Woodcraft clip-ons. Being lower, do your bars hit the tank at all?
  5. But I've had a few that were just perfect, for me.
  6. NICE turn signal mod. Did you have to use resistors? I wonder if I could do the same mod on my 2018.
  7. Hmm... Does that mean I have to post pics of my ASS before and after I did my rear suspension adjustment???
  8. If I wanted an R-6 I'd buy one. My 2003 FZ-1 was a WAY better bike than this. I'd take an FZ6R over this.
  9. For me that would be yes. Just on the very front of the heel. I wear Sidi Black Rain boots. I have to say, this bike is very niche oriented. Shorter riders, shorter seat length, absolutely cramped reach to the bars - made for shorter riders. For me the gearing is too short as well, but that's why it's a torque beast and wheelie monster. I find myself using 3rd gear when making normal street turns simply because second is too snatchy down low. Better power, smoother, way more roll-on control coming out in 3rd. I think I'll hold on to this for a few months and trade it for a Ninja z650. Even the ergos on the SV-650 are the most relaxed but I had a DL-650 and wasn't really a fan of the V-twin. Had a Ninja 1000 and a 2006 Ninja 650. I like the Kaws better. No friggin' plastic tank either. Sorry, rant over.
  10. I get what you're saying. Get a pair of rearsets. You don't have to move up or down. You can move back the peg to increase your distance to the shift knob. They make tons of rearsets for this bike already.
  11. Well, after 1,000 miles of ass bashing I decided to adjust pre-load and rebound on my rear shock (2018). I'm 6'2", 180#. You'd think it was set just right for my weight, with position 4 for pre-load and 1-1/2 turns out for rebound (factory setting, both basically right in the middle). Nope. Very jittery over rapid cheese grater type bumps. Rebound throwing my butt in the air a bit all day long. Makes you think the seat really sucks, but it doesn't. Dialed the pre-load to position 2 (softer) and rebound 2-1/2 turns out (3 turns out is max out soft). NOTICEABLE improvement. I can feel the road much more precisely, my butt isn't bucked out of the saddle, the rebound is still firm and fast. A little sag in the rear when I give throttle so I might go 3 on pre-load, but rebound is now under control. This bike is my daily commuter, not a naked track bike. That's how tight the stock setup is. I'll ride this a few days and see if it's too soft. If so, I'll go 3 on pre-load and 2 turns out on rebound, tops. But I think this is it.
  12. I don't need both tail and side bags, but on this bike I plan to get the SW-Motech Alu-rack with the mounting plates for soft tail bags like a Kriega or stick with my Nelson Rigg 1040ST. Expands to 30 liters. I keep my rain suit in it and I can still fit over half a basket of groceries. Empty it'll hold a full face helmet and change. Even with my rain suit in it I can pack easily 3 days worth of clothes, a change of shoes, and my tablet and assorted electrical cables and chargers for same. Right now it's mounted to the pillion and is very sleek. Lots of people love this bag, including myself. I've had mine on numerous bikes and it's held up past expectations (6 years and counting).
  13. I'd put it in a vice and bend it myself.
  14. I've always used Fram. Everyone always has something bad to say about the ones they don't choose to use. Me, I say it's a waste of money to buy a $12 oil filter that I'm replacing every 3,000-4,000 miles. And for me that's not a long time. I did my 600 Mike service in only two weeks. It's an oil filter. There is no difference in performance on the street.
  15. Old Man


    I'm looking at Woodcraft clip-ons. There is no relocation. YouTube has a video of the uninstall and installation.

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