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  1. As well, I added a helmet lock and a peg eliminator kit: I did this the other day, trimmed an extra set of aero fairings to fit around and with my Yamaha luggage rack: And a Yamaha MT-07 fly screen: 3C
  2. Well, I was at the Y doing my mile swim, had ridden my bicycle there, about a 25 mile round trip. Ran into my wife's boss who has several motorcycles and trades through them regularly. He mentioned he had wished he knew I wanted another motorcycle because he was thinking to sell his 15 Street Triple R. So, basically, what I did to my MT-07 today is buy it a garage buddy: It has just over 3,000 miles and a few quality mods. Treated gently. Yeah, yeah, the newest Street Triple R has more engine, look at it this way, it has 109 horsepower and 50 pound feet of torque and is fully capable of blistering acceleration the MT-07 could only dream of. I plan to keep both. I got a good price on it and paid cash so I will enjoy it for a while and then pass it on to a deserving fellow. The MT-07, I think is a keeper, well, both of them may be.
  3. I think it is a stupid looking e-vehicle. It will have the character of a blender and the soul of a shoebox and the personality of a cheap toaster oven.
  4. As it sits now: My passenger peg delete kit should arrive soon so I can finish that up. With that the first mods are done. Then hopefully I can ride it some since it now only has 109 miles. The next series of mods, Stage II, will be a hugger, tank bag, rear bag (Krieger 10L?) and maybe a different set of blinkers and the very thing that started this thread, a stop light in the Yamaha 39L case! The final mods, Stage III, an exhaust and tune. Other things down the road, maybe a repaint, custom paint.
  5. Here are the photos showing the trimmed aero farings. These are an extra set that I purchased when I bought the motorcycle exactly for this purpose:
  6. Long, long ago, I got talked into a nude bicycle ride. It was all legal and legit, a charity fund raiser. Might as well go nude on a motorcycle. Just some sun glasses, should be good to go!
  7. Metric! Egads man! Never! LOL. Damn, I nearly crashed being in KPH. I could not tell how fast I was going!
  8. I got it. With the instrument in Odometer mode push the left set button down and hold for about 3 seconds and it should shift between MPH and KPH.
  9. I give up, somehow I got switched to KPH from MPH. How does one reset to MPH? I cannot find it in the OM. Thanks.
  10. Taht do not scuff and scratch? I need a small tank bag for wallet, glasses, phone, a Glock 19 in there would be nice (no, I am not kidding) too. Any suggestions and order links. Thanks guys. J
  11. The 39L is not so big. Room enough for me to stow my jacket and gloves and helmet. A heavy jacket might displace the helmet. I added a helmet lock from Santos though for that possibility. I can carry my gym bag or work EDC items in the case and then switch out and put my jacket and gloves in the case upon arrival. And since I have not yet found a hugger the bare rack does serve an auxiliary function of acting as an extended fender since I did do the FE from TST also. I will get another pic later.
  12. Well, the addition of a brake light and signals to the case has been stalled. However, I have addressed one thing I did not like about the Yamaha OEM rack. The little silver (on my bike) aero pieces on the tail fairing must be removed to install the rack on the 2018. On the 2017 and older the tail faring a hole has to be cut into the faring, uggghhh! At least removing the aero fairings can be reversed easily. But, the motorcycle just did not look right with the bare tail fairing sans the aero pieces. So, not to be deterred, I purchased, along with my motorcycle, a second set of silver aero pieces (and a Yamaha fly screen). I trimmed the second set of fairings to fit with the rack installed. They still attach with three screws, instead of the original five, and a added rubber bumper to dampen vibration. Perhaps a bit overkill but it looks much better, more OEM, than without the pieces. It is a naked motorcycle but it is too naked without them.
  13. 3crows

    WindScreen Dilemma!!

    I just added the little Yamaha fly screen to my 2018 MT-07. Fits nice, looks good. Very minimal but appropriate to a naked street fighter. But, to say it is useless other than aesthetics might be going to far. While it may not block much wind, it seems to reduce the buffeting noticeably. Smooths the airflow somewhat. There is now a nice little pocket at chest level that is cleaner. The helmet was always up in clean air. The screen is a gloss black Lexan like material. Expensive but it fits perfect since it is an OEM piece.
  14. 3crows

    Motor blew up

    OP, I wish you good luck. Hope it works better this time out. You are definitely right, this little MT-07 is like a barrel of monkeys it is so much fun. A cheap, easy date with tons of personality and good looks, what could be wrong with that! I do not much believe in lemons but I guess tolerance build, an engine could get out that is not optimal. Usually there is a cause. Well, there is a cause, we just do not know what it is. As far as wheelies and me, my wife allows me to have another motorcycle only if both wheels stay on the ground, at the same time, and I just ride slowly about up in the low density country side we live about. I can do that. But, the little MT-07 does a power wheelie by accident in first and second and I think it will lift in third with perhaps some gentle urging. James
  15. 3crows

    Motor blew up

    I wonder if the instrument cluster oil light is an oil low pressure light or is it an oil low level light? What exactly does it indicate?

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