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  1. Here's my solution to 2018 Yamaha screen. Keeps pretty much most blast off the chest and some on helmet, I'm 5'8". Found on eBay.
  2. Yamaoldster

    moving on

    Loaded down...……….when I travel I like to take: lap top, coffee pot, snacks, jogging shoes, flip flops, book, music you know the fun stuff. Cat eye's (the cat eye sticker offers a little protection from small rock strikes) are like the dragons on the bow of Viking ships they clear the way...……...actually I don't ride at night so what the heck and I have two 10 watt LED lights mounted on the lower forks for recognition lights to on coming traffic. You can see the headlights coming through the eyes, they are perforated.
  3. Yamaoldster

    moving on

    Here's mine on a trip to the mountains of west Texas.
  4. Yamaoldster

    How old is to old for tires

    As long as rubber is stored in a controlled environment (no sun) the life can be extended. I did a trip to Alaska on a Goldwing once and to get back to Texas safely I needed a front tire. The only tire I could find was nearly 7 years old (it was found in a motorcycle dealership stored up on a shelf out of sun). Got me back no problem, it never showed weather cracking or anything negative. Just keep an eye on it and when it starts to crack time to consider.
  5. Installed Yamaha side bag brackets which lined up nicely with Givi bags bottom eyelet. Had these bags for years installed on other bikes, forgot which model they are.
  6. Revzilla is as good as it gets. I ordered something for my 2018 MT07 and it didn't fit although add said it would. Their customer support got back with me within hours. They glady took it back and gave me Revzilla cash for the hassle. When I need something they are my first choice.
  7. Yamaoldster

    Motor blew up

    I'm 70 and no flogging here...………...just curious what kind of break in did you do?
  8. Installed Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Light. Found on eBay. Easy install with great lighting.
  9. Vroom, I'm a 70 year old shrinking rider and stand around 5'8". For lack of better description this setup feels like any smallish windshield, pretty much keeps wind blast off my chest and some off the face/helmet. Crosswinds its not a factor...……...I have not been in crosswinds of more than about 10mph. I'm still breaking it in and haven't gone more than 70mph so my comments are limited to this speed...….so far been very stable.
  10. Yamaoldster

    Oil level problems

    If you are burning that much oil you can tell by sticking your finger (or looking up the pipe) up the exhaust pipe. Your finger should come out looking something like the color of a proper burning spark plug, maybe a little darker. Burning a lot of oil will cause the pipe to be "cruddy" (for lack of better word). When I looking at buying a used mc this is the first thing I do.
  11. Yamaoldster

    MT-07 2019??

  12. Yamaoldster

    MT-07 2019??

    Because of the significant changes between '17 FZ07 and '18 MT-07 I would say the only changes would probably be color options. That's the way it is with many manufactures.
  13. Yamaoldster

    Over Seas Purchases?

    I've been buying stuff from those countries for years. I would say about 98-99% of my purchases have been good. Recently, I installed Chinese center stand for 2018 MT07 and I am completely satisfied with it. I just ordered some crash bars from Thailand, will see how it goes.
  14. It's definitely a SW knock off. Actually for nearly half the price its worth it. Quality of work is good, everything lined up nicely. The only complaint...…………. threads could have been cleaned up (maybe too much paint) but using lock tite and running the bolts in slowly worked ok. They also short changed me on the springs, I only received the one big spring which held the stand up but weak, I found the small inner spring on eBay 2 for 5 bucks.

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