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  1. BlueMule

    Anudder Scoonie

    1 month. 2000 miles on bike. just had rotator cuff surgery. parked till spring
  2. https://www.thevintagespoke.com/
  3. https://www.kedo-jvb-moto.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=+super+7+
  4. BlueMule


    Have you heard of this before? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gymkhana_(motorcycle) If not, do a bit of googling, there are classes run around the country. I'd be all over it if there was something local. and if you start digging into youtube videos..... its amazing what some of those guys can do
  5. BlueMule

    Anudder Scoonie

    Cool, thanks for that info. I might well end up moving the power to that then. It was a spur of the moment idea and i wanted switched power. Are there wiring schematics here or someplace else on the web? A tall seat could happen next year. the bike, while being small, actually seems to fit me almost perfect. If i was to tour on it, i'd for sure want more room though.
  6. Puig, touring, dark smoked. their airflow analysis is spot on up to about 65 MPH. Front veiw,I cropped and rotated pic, its a bit weird looking ,but you get a straight on view. 20180813_125506 by GB-Dan, on Flickr Side view. 20180813_131656 by GB-Dan, on Flickr
  7. BlueMule

    Anudder Scoonie

    Got the windscreen on and hard wired in a cheapo gps i won in a raffle. With the offset of gps, theres perfect room to reach key. Tapped power off the auxiliary lights next to headlight, we'll have to see if the fuse will hold up.
  8. BlueMule


    Well chit, I only saw the "trail" cage. that Urban model looks closer to what i'd want.
  9. BlueMule


    yeah, saw their stuff. too big, bulky. might just go with sliders ...or nothing. stuck in the ADV bike mindset.
  10. BlueMule


    found this, looking for crash bar/protection options.
  11. Just got the recall letter, came here to see if any of you had issues. how the hell do they "inappropriately design" bolts? lol I've been noticing some noise from the rear when I've been riding, i'll have to check this out. I don't recall chain drive being this 'buzzy' sounding, at least it wasn't on my old drz, but I think I recall some noise from my F650,
  12. https://www.motea.com/en/catalogsearch/result/index/?p=1&product_list_dir=desc&product_list_order=price&q= I got my Piug screen today. bought it from the above company, they seem to have some stuff for the '18s. they have an Ebay store that i bought from, turns out you pay more on ebay . FML i'll get it mounted, tested and apic up tomorrow.
  13. Holy Crap! I cant believe he stood up after that, much less walked around.

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