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  1. Not saying there wasn't something they should have done other than offer a tow, I mean, maybe they could have asked their contracted to company to bring a jump box though not sure if that is a "safer" way or not....but not offering to jump start a motorcycle may have something to do with that a motorcycle charging system is a bit different from a car and that their RA agreements may not allow for that due to liability if they jump start you and your charging system gets buggered because of the jump or something gets fried immediately. Did they say why? Did you ask why? These are deeper questions for them to answer.
  2. I don't mind lending a hand with the new T-7, even though these are new models with which I am not familiar with, though the T7 looks to be based of the FZ/MT07. Just let me know how you want things done and I'll do what I can.
  3. NRWhiteKnight

    Partzilla item choose

    I'm going to guess that MS1 and SMX are for the color, based on the part numbers listed above and then looking them up at yamahapartshouse.com by part number, then viewing where they are used, and then looking at the online fiche. Disclaimer: **This is only a guess and actual details may vary from the guess. Please check local listings for accuracy**
  4. NRWhiteKnight

    Don't do this at the track!

    Agreed. There is never a place for those kind of antics anywhere on the race track. Latest news I saw was that he has been dropped from his current team and his ride for next year is in jeopardy. We'll see if he gets dropped from that as well.
  5. NRWhiteKnight

    Hi 👋🏻

    Welcome! Nice looking bike. How does that exhaust sound?
  6. I agree the street should not be used as a race track, but I think maybe a couple of things are missed from the videos or maybe they are understood and just aren't mentioned. In the first video, the rider mentioned he followed the lead rider to closely. This implies (or maybe even admits) the rider who crashed was riding above his skill level in trying to keep up with the one in front. That said, some new riders fall into that trap of trying to keep up with the group. They get a mindset that they need to keep up when, usually, that isn't the case. Good groups will wait and make sure everyone gets to where they are going, even the least experienced in the group. In the second video, the rider stated she felt her toe touch/drag the ground and she was like "oh s*&$". It's easy to see from the video she was pushing it and that she pushed it past her limits. Because both riders were wearing full gear does not imply they were using the street as a race track (though the 2nd video implies that). Now, it's sad that they both crashed and the first person suffered some injury because of it. This statement is a near impossibility as not everyone rides on a track and you cannot control the street environment. The second sentence, imo, says you should only ride on a track because of the first sentence. Riding track only is great for some. It is not something for everyone, as motorcycling is not for everyone. I think the overall message here, other than all the gear all the time which was stated by the OP, should be ride within your limits and your abilities. I wish both a speedy recovery from any injuries they received. All in all, these are lessons to be learned and we can learn from others mistakes, so the video's themselves can be helpful to future riders. But can those riders who crashed actually point out their mistakes in those instances? Not just I followed to closely or my toe touched the ground and I crashed, but why those things occurred.
  7. NRWhiteKnight

    Rear wheel lock yp noise

    I have a better question............why are you locking up your rear wheel? But I digress..................... Could just be the pads breaking free from the rotor, like they might be sticking to it a bit from the sudden stop in rotation. Check to make sure there is no play in caliper holder and caliper mounting bolts and make sure axle bolt is tight. Is the rear end in line with the rest of the bike or is it stepped out to the side? Do you only hear a thump or do you feel it as well?
  8. NRWhiteKnight

    Hi there

    Welcome aboard. I down sized from an FZ1 to a 2018 MT-07. Not regretting that decision one bit. Beemer's right. It's light, nimble, and fun as well as gets great mpg.
  9. NRWhiteKnight

    Gear rental for track day

    I can't get to their site from my current location, but check their FAQ's or contact them to see is they offer rentals, the cost, and how much lead time is needed to reserve the rented gear. Good luck with your first track day and have fun.
  10. NRWhiteKnight

    Gear rental for track day

    I have never rented gear from a TD organization. What org are you doing your TD with? I know Sportbike Track Time (STT) has some gear rental, Here is STT's FAQ and it has some Q&A on gear rental.
  11. Good point, BTM. I had not been to their site, just perused the article. So hopefully weight won't be a big issue. I also look forward to your review. Sounds interesting.
  12. Other than the fact that you will have a plug wire running to your bike for it to run, one thing the article does not state is how heavy the helmet is. That can make a huge difference. I don't care how cool my head is as there is airflow when moving, but if it's heavy, one's neck is gonna be hurting at the end of a long ride, I'd bet.
  13. NRWhiteKnight

    Shorty Levers?

    I got these MZS levers on eBay. So far I have had no problems with them. Easy to install.
  14. NRWhiteKnight

    FZ-07 radiator gaurd

    The one you posted the link for is the one I have. I got it off of eBay, though. I searched for some that said FZ instead of MT but didn't find any. Doesn't mean they aren't out there, just the I didn't have any luck. You could email the seller to see if they have one with FZ on it.

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