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  1. exactly the lever was engaging the brake slightly which caused it to heat up and expand
  2. exactly what it was the aftermarket lever for all the people here that didnt believe it ever happened lmfao
  3. i squeeze the brake lever and then they locked up it ended up being the aftermarket brake lever i bought it was engaging the brake lightly without me even touching it.... cheap ass mzs levers on ebay
  4. i wouldnt be lieing lmao that shet just happened
  5. so i was on the fwy going like 80 and my front brakes locked up on me and i almost died lol pulled off the side of the fwy and bled the brakes to free up the pads. what could be causing this to lock up its a brand new 2015 with only 2000 miles on it. are calipers shots or need a full bleed?
  6. yea everything is plugged in and plugged up in the right order im thinking its a bad power commander bc when i unplug the commander and put stock plugs back in it fires right up and i get no codes
  7. i installed the power commander correctly as the directions said i crank the bike it started for a sec then died now im getting code 33 and 34 which are igntion coil open or short circuit codes help cant start bike
  8. For this month it is lol
  9. -Full Dyno Tune from Racetech -Dynojet Power Commander V -K&N Air Intake -Yoshi R77 Full exhaust -Yoshi Fender eliminator -Full T-REX Racing Armor Kit -Motodynamic tailight -MSR aluminum shorty levers -Seat Concepts custom seat covers -Flush LED front blinkers -Cyclops 10.0 -Powder coated heel and frame guards and rear pegs -cig lighter adapter
  10. i bought a k&n air intake for my fz-07 is it best to leave the snorkel on or off? ive seen some people cut there snorkel to mod it any answers?

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