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  1. Carne Seca

    2018 MT07 Recall notice

    Thanks brotha. I should have searched first. But I’m just glad it’s nothing serious. Now I can get back to work.
  2. Carne Seca

    Cant decide on a tail light.

    Customled.com > *
  3. Anyone else get a recall notice? im at work so I haven’t got a chance to read it yet. But I get informed delivery with usps, it sends me pictures of what’s coming to me in the mail for the day. Incase something gets stolen or lost. I have a recall notice waiting for me I hope it’s nothing too serious. Hoping one of you can let me know what it might be about.
  4. Carne Seca

    Helmet Wall Storage Ideas

    thats neat, basically the same thing but with a shelf for your gloves. i have a shoe/boot rack thing that i set my gloves and stuff on for now, but those could be good when i finish the man cave.
  5. Carne Seca

    New MT07 owner

    thanks for the info. but this bike is already almost too small for me. she doesnt ride enough for me to want to modify the bike, because then when i need to ride it i will really be a friggen grizzly bear on a tricycle. if she becomes a weekend warrior we will get her a Bolt. but she doesnt seem too interested in riding. im not too big on used stuff, never really know how anyone treated it. id like to buy a new exhaust this weekend, ive got a few requests for quotes out, just waiting on responses.
  6. Carne Seca

    New MT07 owner

    lol. she took the safety class with me and a few of our friends, so she has her M1 been together over 13years, i dont think she is going anywhere id never buy a hardly ableson We were looking at getting her a Bolt, cause she can flat foot it. The MT07 isnt too bad for her though, she can tippy toe it in boots. So when I get another R1 she can ride the MT07 We bought a house 2 years ago and have been dumping most of our money into that, besides all the things I was buying for my R1. She was stoked when I told her the exhaust for the MT07 was gonna be half of what I paid for my R1. But that was when I was looking at the M4 She doesnt know Im gonna be getting that Graves system yet.
  7. Carne Seca

    Two Brothers Exhaust - Header Fitment Issue

    id never buy 2bros if money is tight just go with M4
  8. Carne Seca

    Helmet Wall Storage Ideas

    i have one of these. works fine for me. http://www.helmet-holder.com/
  9. Carne Seca

    New MT07 owner

    Wow, just got my insurance squared away. $116 a month Insurance plus my monthly payment are still cheaper than just the bike payment for my 18 R1 So much more money to spend on mods my gf is going to hate it
  10. Carne Seca

    New m4 full system

    I think it looks pretty good, but i like the look of the carbon can on the slip on better. also if i am spending over $700 I am not buying stainless steel. id rather spend a lil more money and get the Graves full titanium system. https://www.gravesport.com/products/graves-motorsports-yamaha-fz07-mt07-full-exhaust-system.html
  11. upload your pics to imgur.com then when you get the url for your pic, you can change the size of the thumbnail by adding a letter before the .jpg, .png, .whatever l = large thumbnail m = medium thumbnail s = small thumbnail
  12. Carne Seca

    Rear spools on 2018 MT 07?

    still feeling this place out, over on the R1 forum the vendors visit regularly. but ill check out the site, thanks brah
  13. Carne Seca

    Rear spools on 2018 MT 07?

    @bellissimoto could you PM a quote for the chain adjuster/spools shipped to 92114 as long as they still work with the 18 MT07s
  14. Im a bit of a brand whore, but i prefer Dianese for my leather. Not as gaudy as alpine stars or icon I just wear my Thorogood work boots, because I cant carry my tools and work boots while i wear some riding boots. I went down in June and my gear did its job, but my ankle got a little smashed. I think riding boots would have protected my ankle a bit better, but I walked away just fine.
  15. Carne Seca

    New MT07 owner

    It was very different at first, but the bike is definitely growing on me. I am familiar with the TST tail light but I think im gonna stick with CustomLED, I had their tail light on my R1, I liked being able to dial in the brightness and the strobe pattern. https://www.customled.com/products/2018-yamaha-mt-07-integrated-led-tail-light But unfortunately, neither the TST or CustomLED light is available yet. I had the M4 street slayer on my first R1, it was so loud but I loved it. I wanted to go with Graves, but it was a bit to expensive for me at the time with everything else I was buying. Looking at going with Graves for my MT07. But the exhaust you have looks good also. Not sure what it is, but ive never been a fan of akrapovic. My only issue with going with yamaha parts is the price, I ws looking at the chain adjuster/spools and they are $200+ for the pair. So I will probably just end up grabbing the womet tech rear spool/sliders. But I will check out the Yamaha wind screens Thanks for the help brotha!

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