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  1. e30kawi

    KTM Duke 790 Wow!

    Projected price seems very reasonable. Let's see how close it comes to the estimates.
  2. e30kawi

    ***SOLD*** for sale '16 FZ-07

    This bike is still for sale in Austin correct? https://austin.craigslist.org/mcy/d/16-yamaha-fz-07flawless/6588413769.html Glws bump. Would love to pick up this color scheme in the future.
  3. Hopefully not. But there's a saying, there's two types of riders, those that have gone down and those that will. And the riding too fast is constant down where I'm at. Frequent accidents in Austin. I'm just glad I got the speeding out of my system while I was luckier.
  4. I can assure you it was no fault of my own if that is what you are implying. But I had been commuting on my bikes for eleven years. Like you, I don't trust other drivers but not a lot you can do if a car decides to pull out on top of you at 60mph. I may have just not been as lucky as you, but I was not speeding and even had slowed down because I didn't trust the car. Hopefully your luck continues, but sometimes it's beyond your control.
  5. There may be some truth to the bag of luck and skill. Got lucky several times first starting out. Finally bought myself full gear on my fourth bike the 07. I guess my luck ran out and driver skill or attentiveness of the cager was non existent that morning. This picture isfrom my fourth surgery.
  6. I find it funny that they used a picture of a camaro in the article. That's what I slammed into the side of at 60mph, driver turned left in front of me. It was yellow, but the guy replaced it with a black one after the accident... Now I wear a funny shoe with a one inch lift in it because my leg is short.
  7. I gave it a seven. Was said above it started out well but the mods made it a lot better. I don't know what a ten would be but the fz07 is a very fun bike, so much so I am considering getting another one.
  8. What kind of mileage are you getting on your fz07? I was getting the same as my cbr250, 52+mpg
  9. e30kawi

    When much too much isn't enough

    No thanks!!
  10. e30kawi

    This explains well

    I agree with the last guy. That's what I loved about my 07 was the low end power and usability. Oddly enough I have been eyeing the Z900 as my next bike if I can't find a decent 07. Everyone around here seems to think a one or two year old 07 only depreciates $100-200 off of msrp regardless of mileage 600 or 8000 miles...
  11. e30kawi

    Coolest Motorcycle Ever

    Would really like to ride one of these
  12. When I get my next bike I'll be getting a dash cam so to speak just for instances like this.
  13. Bought a new 2005 ZZR 600. Loved that bike, I put 40k miles on it before I sold it when the economy tanked in 08. Not my bike in the photo but they were all the same color.
  14. Lol a year to the day since my last post on this thread I had my fourth surgery. They took out the second rod and put in two stainless plates. Just got the stitches out today. Leg is still swollen but it feels really solid... It should, I've got twelve screws holding it all in. Y'all ride safe out there, maybe I'll be out there next summer.
  15. I finally saw a new r6 the other day. Beautiful bike!!

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