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  1. Nah mate, that's as stock as it gets for the 2018 Oh, and I think there are a few peeps (like puig) floating the exact same extender I've got https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/puig-rear-fender-extender-yamaha-fz-07-mt-07-xsr700-2015-2018
  2. I live on a dirt road and have the same problem, I grabbed a rear hugger extender from pyramid https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-MT07-XSR700-2013-Pyramid-Rear-Hugger-Extension-072437-Fitting-Kit-/182709005292 As for fit, its not perfect, but it doesn't look bad. I just attached with some epoxy resin and it isn't going anywhere and does what I wanted it to do
  3. RRR

    MT07 rebuild/custom project

    This is looking skits!!
  4. That would be a hole... lot simpler but the OCD in me thinks an expensive overcomplicated option is mandatory, something like the link in my original post.
  5. Yeah same, maybe someone on here has the tools (and the time) to make something like this happen.
  6. Yeah cheers mate but not was I was talking about. I do have the Vagabond relocation bracket. I'm after something to clean the area up shown below I like the item linked above because it mounts from behind and would fill more of the space, nice and clean. has to something out there for the 07...
  7. Hey, does anyone know if a product like this or of a similar product that would fit the 07? https://www.bellissimoto.com/parts/rearsets-footpegs/rearset-accessories/gilles-tooling-passenger-footrest-covers-for-the-yamaha-yzf-r1-2015-2016-yzf-r1m-and-yzf-r1s Rear brake reservoir is relocated elsewhere so not a problem.
  8. RRR


    I'm interested in going clip ons once I get some rear sets sorted. How are you going about the dash relocation?
  9. RRR

    Shorty Levers?

    You just can't beat the feeling of fingering a shorty. . . Oh and i found CRG levers cheaper on Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/CRG-RC2-Shorty-Adjustable-Brake-Lever-Black/232869106823?hash=item3638149487:g:BoMAAOSwXclbX-gh
  10. Shouldn't be, Yamaha addressed issues with the SDP with the 2018 model
  11. CRG Shorty levers finally arrived, much better feel over stock. Threw on a Sub-Cowl and Fly screen as well.
  12. RRR

    WindScreen Dilemma!!

    Agreed with @Beemer, for aesthetics only I don’t regret my choice
  13. RRR

    WindScreen Dilemma!!

    Looks good mate, doesn't wreck the lines of the bike. I got my 2018 smoke on last night, will upload some pics this weekend when Ive got some decent light.
  14. RRR

    MT07 rebuild/custom project

    If only I was state side mate, would of saved a cuntonne on shipping the amount of stuff I buy from the US. I've also heard nothing but good things about @pattonme

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