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  1. Jonnyaust

    New tail tidy coming soon

    I’m assuming it goes both ways most tail tidys fit all years from what I’ve seen
  2. Jonnyaust

    New tail tidy coming soon

    I’ll try and take more pics. That’s the only one I can upload the others are to big
  3. So I recently dropped my bike off at new rage cycles for them to make a tail tidy for the mt07/fz07. The quality is great. Very sturdy compared to the stock blinkers and tail. They made a custom mounting bracket with led turn signals that is adjustable so you can tuck it or show the plate. They also replaced the front blinkers with led blinkers also.
  4. I just pulled them off and put the bolts back in. And bolted the rear fluid resivior to one of the existing spots. No kinks in the line. And it’s worked great for 1000 miles.
  5. Jonnyaust

    MZS adjustable shorty levers $35 shipped

    30 shipped ? I’ll buy them today
  6. Jonnyaust

    New MT07 owner

    I just did the cyclops led head light cause I ride at night and led parking lights. They look great and was only 70$. Also did the r6 throttle tube. That had to be the best 10$ I’ve ever spent. I also stiffened the prelims and it feels a lot better.
  7. @jonnyaust is my Instagram name there’s a few vids on there on low boost 500whp. And dyno runs and sheets there also might be some stuff on my tuners YouTube page
  8. Lots of good options guys thank you. The bike is away for the next few weeks lots of rain this week and next then also having a company make a tail tidy and blinkers for the mt07. Think the next thing im goin to buy is shorty adjustable levers and probobly a flash tune because everyone recommends it. The mod bug got me again after finishing my 600whp st
  9. I’m not against performance just want to wait until I’m more familiar with the bike before I do exhaust and intake with a tune. And most of my riding is to work and back road twisties. No plan on tracking yet but I’ll look into suspension over winter
  10. Thank you guys for the quick response. I think I’ll defiantly need a seat soon cause my rides to work are 45 min and my butt kills after and bar end mirrors
  11. So I just bought a brand new 18 mt07. This is my first bike and I love it. I put about 300 miles on it. I’m just wondering what mods people recommend as a need for the bike. I got the Cyclops led light and led parking lights cause I ride at night in ct and there aren’t street lamps. Also bought an r6 throttle tube cause it was only 10$ and heard so many good things about it. Defiantly need a new seat cause it sucks and I’m heavy. Anything else people recommend ? Nothing really power wise I have my car for fast driving. just things to make it more enjoyable to ride. another question is cleaning the bike since I have matte paint and no prior motorcycle washing techniques.
  12. Jonnyaust

    Tracer 700 seat fit a MT07?

    If this seat is more comfortable then the stock mt07 I would upgrade in a heart beat. Added bonus that it’s one piece and flows better

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