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  1. The bracket I received is a off on one bolt on each side by about a centimeter. Idk if it's because it maybe a Chinese knockoff or what so I can't actually confirm, but mine doesn't fit
  2. The package is due to deliver on Aug 2nd I should know then.
  3. MTheaded

    First MT bath!

    Just finished washing my baby, the foam gun is soooo fun!
  4. It is my understanding that they replaced the headlight with the ones on the old fz09 headlight. I've ordered one for that model and I'll let you know once I get my hands on it.
  5. MTheaded

    Hello world

    Done and done!
  6. MTheaded

    Hello world

    I don't mind haha this is a fun topic.
  7. MTheaded

    Hello world

    The first thing I always do on my motorcycle is bellow out a few nuetral revs after starting the engine haha, would that count Also thanks for all the warm welcome!
  8. MTheaded

    Hello world

    Hi everyone! I just bought my 2018 MT-07 last week, and I hope to very soon post some pictures and be active in the forums. I have learned so much from this place already and want to contribute. Hope everyone is having a great week!

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