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  1. Who is offering rear set plates of AP (AP style ) . . . it will be great, could not find something similar
  2. of course, I will, but assume, will take 2 - 4 weeks, custom is not so easy at this time, takes a long time
  3. I have ordered already this kit. But is a long way from US to Austria. I can give you some feed back, if package has arrived.
  4. enduro250

    A question about the AP Link

    to be serious: It gives me a good idea of what everything was already considered, THX for all this info
  5. enduro250

    A question about the AP Link

    @blackout : great thread you have posted ; From this I can learn what I have missed the last 3 years
  6. enduro250

    A question about the AP Link

    but these plates gives your more movement in lowering " . . . These new plates allow for range of -35mm(-1 1/2"), -25mm(-1"), stock & +25mm (+1") rear ride height, . . . "
  7. enduro250

    A question about the AP Link

    I would buy Andy's Link, but he is not shipping international I am looking for a solution
  8. enduro250

    A question about the AP Link

    ok thx, I think, I can follow you. additional question: I found some different L - Links as well. Have I to change it Consequently as well? or makes it sense to change both parts?
  9. Please can anyone explain to me, how this link is working? it is the connection between the frame and the redirection lever (sorry, don't now the correct translation) Is it shorter or longer then stock ( assume longer, to increase the ride height ) Is there a change in the progression? What is the effect? is it the same when I use the length adjustment of my rear shock ( I have this option on my Hyperpro) THX in advance
  10. enduro250

    Penske shock

    still available?
  11. enduro250

    new fz 07 racer

    I'm a bit confused about the FTecu flash kit this first bike will run in the stock class next year maybe, I will build another FZ , second step , with R6 front end and more development on engine side and then , I have to buy a new license for FTecu, because it is just licensed for 1 ECU?
  12. enduro250

    new fz 07 racer

    yes airbox is removed, I have already ordered a Hordbox. a SC project ful exhasust is monted; so thinking about FTecu falsh, PC V or . . .
  13. enduro250

    new fz 07 racer

    you are right, it is called LWT 650, but since last year there is an exception for the capacity, to cover FZ07 as a possible bike
  14. enduro250

    new fz 07 racer

    Hi together, first of all, I am from Europe -> Austria so please excuse my "sometimes" bad English last week I bought my first MT 07 ( in Europe it is called MT instead of FZ ) I will build an FZ 07 R and I have seen , that in the US it is a frequently used race bike. In Europe , in the light weight class, 90 % Suzukis are in use and some very rear Kawas, but almost no FZ 07. As a result, there is not much experience in racing this Yamaha. So iam trying to collect information as much as possible this is the main reason , why I have joint this forum.

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