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  1. ^ ignore the above, I don't see it in the manual. couple of pages from the manual, notice the drawing for the shock is wrong (preload locknut is not on the bottom)
  2. sk8norcal

    Ohlins 80 N/mm spring

    to clear up any confusion, we are talking about the Ohlin STX shock. Rider has the "stock" 115 N/mm spring. His mechanic changed it to 80 n/mm to soften up the ride
  3. Btw, if u read up on the suspension stuff. The experts recommends that both the front and rear suspension needs to be balanced. So keep that in mind.
  4. I believe the manual recommends not to go beyond + or - 5 clicks from 14 clicks stock.
  5. I should have tried that out. But just sold my fz07 yesterday. I wish they have the mt07 tracer here.
  6. Yeah 26mm is too little. Mine was 26mm when l got it used. Way too firm. Went to 35mm sag. Still too firm on bumpy roads for me. Play around with the rebound dampening also. More clicks = more comfort. Urs is already at 14 clicks.
  7. Saw on fz07 FB group, rider 165 lbs was recommended this spring to replace the stock 115 N/mm spring . he said it rides great. Isn't 80 n/mm way too low?
  8. 1.75 inches = 45mm that is quite a bit, most sources I have read says 30-35mm rider sag for street bikes. Or 25% of rear shock travel. FZ07 is 5.1" rear. 25%=32mm
  9. the 3 digit # after the / 01092-42/115 on mine most people probably end up with the 115 stock spring weight. (whether its right or not) there is a pdf manual for this shock they recommend R1-R2 6mm R1-R3 30mm Rebound dampening is 14 clicks stock
  10. hopefully its not 115 N/mm, I say that's too stiff.
  11. what spring did you get? and where did you get the shock from? and did u upgrade ur front suspension?
  12. http://www.promecha.com.au/springs_basics.htm http://www.promecha.com.au/sag_preload.htm ^ these links might help u understand. From what I understand, getting the right spring for ur weight is the most importantant for starters. What annoys me about the Ohlins STX46 is that there is no info on the web for spring/weight recommendation other than what I found on this forum. What also bugs me in the variance in spring recommendation from different manufacturers. From what I understand, there is a formula/software for calculating the spring weight base on your bike linkage design, ur weight, and riding style.
  13. Where did you order from? I saw it on Revzilla, where they ask for your weight, but they dont tell you what spring you gonna get. Stil have my FZ07 for now. Just rode my friends CBR300R with stock suspension. Very smooth, to me much better than my setup right now.

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