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  1. no-lag

    2017 Fz-07 100% Track Build

    i have the K-Tech R and the RR and the AP link and the stock stuff, tell me what u need i can measure.
  2. no-lag

    new fz 07 racer

    glad to see another FZ R being built!
  3. no-lag

    2017 Fz-07 100% Track Build

    Yes ! coming soon
  4. no-lag

    New m4 full system

    not bad.. hope that the ceramic black coating lasts....
  5. Please post how you did this, I would like to as well.
  6. no-lag


    Hell ya! Welcome!
  7. no-lag

    Fz-07 Rear Handbrake

    just pick up any L/H Brake master/lever. some can be found here www.thesicshop.com is where i buy most of my stunt parts for customers.
  8. Did you wire up an intergrated tail light with it? When you did the fender elimination did you make any electrical cuts in any wires?
  9. no-lag

    Hello world

  10. no-lag

    2017 Fz-07 100% Track Build

    Hey! I will DEF keep this in mind! i was looking for links but could only find AP link and no one else so thanks for showing me this!!!! I will consider this, the only reason why i chose Yoyodyne is becuase i am a Yoyodyne dealer. i am still thinking about this, but you are correct no doubt, yes 520 pitch im thinking. i was considering of just laser cutting a few Aluminum disk rotors for a 1 time use kinda thing.... i dont use my rear brake at all, only when i hit grass.
  11. no-lag

    2017 Fz-07 100% Track Build

    frame is done... and some more goodies have arrived! Rear R6 wheel is powder-coated and ready for bearings!
  12. no-lag

    2017 Fz-07 100% Track Build

    Alright so here is the frame stripped.... Chopped off the end to fit the AP fairings.... this is what i have removed so far, along with the front Steering Lock and the wiring tracer the forks have arrived! The Steering Stops need to be extended. From this.... To this.... HPR Air Filter is here i also decided to cut and re-powder-coat the top tripple. and the Samco hoses are in!!!
  13. no-lag

    2017 Fz-07 100% Track Build

    eh 1 build section should be good for both. if you have time you should move all those threads over here to the proper section
  14. the benefits of the R6 Front end, my opinion...... Stiffer, Handles Better, More Tunable, Better Brakes! if you do the conversion you will need to extend the steering stops!
  15. no-lag

    FZ07R Bodywork Windscreen?

    also! he should have included the windscreen in the purchase of the fairing kit!

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