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  1. Give me a cable any day. If the MT had a hydraulic clutch I would have bought the SV650 instead.
  2. Nice exhaust but way $$$$$$$. When I get some cash up I am getting this pipe. https://sportbikes4hireshop.com/products/mivv-gp-exhaust-yamaha-fz07/
  3. Have you been adjusting it? Lot's of city driving? Any drag race starts? Longest I kept a bike was 2.5 years, 50k miles and the clutch was still good.
  4. MT27

    Chain tension noob questions

    Over tighten the rear axle on a honda 919 and the rear wheel bearings are toast.
  5. MT27

    Chain tension noob questions

    Over tightening the rear axle can be hard on the wheel bearings.
  6. MT27

    Don't tell my MT

    The Duc was flawless. The ride in town, it behaved like a VFR. Once out of town it let you know you were not on a VFR or RVF for that matter. I would only change one thing. It deserves a proper set of pipes. If you see one on the streets be jealous, very jealous.
  7. MT27

    Don't tell my MT

    But I already cheated on her. I put 43 miles on Duc's new 4 banger.
  8. This pic was from one of the ebay listings.
  9. What about the late 80's early 90's honda hawk gt? https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=honda+hawk+gt+swing+arm&_sacat=0
  10. MT27

    Nooby Chain lube questions

    I use Klotz KL-605. I like it better than Maxima Chain Guard.
  11. If the seat pan fits the frame, making the front fit the tank is not a big deal. The seat pan is plastic , not metal like the old days.
  12. MT27

    Nooby Chain lube questions

    Instead of gear oil has anyone tried Bar And Chain Oil. You can get a gallon jug for $6.00 . It does not stink like gear oil. https://www.ruralking.com/mile-master-bar-and-chain-oil-1-gallon
  13. I don' think it will fit a 2018.
  14. I wonder if the Tracers seat will fit a MT. I like the looks. Can someone where the Tracer is sold check in to this?
  15. I took this pic in 03-15

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