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  1. Lots of inquiries on the levers and X-grip (a couple on the screen), but no takers, so.... I will do $55 shipped for the levers and X-grip. I will also do $80 shipped for the MRA screen.
  2. zooman72

    Penske shock

    How old is it/ how many miles are on it? Would a spring change be enough for those much heavier than 140lbs.?
  3. zooman72

    Rear bike stand

    My bike came with a Venom rear stand, and picked up a matching Venom headlift stand (with pin kit #2 for the 21mm pin from Amazon) - they are not built as well as the Pitbull stands, but work well for what I need, and I plan on storing the bike on them this winter.
  4. zooman72

    My FZ-07 Lost It's Virginity

    I "lost"/dumped mine and went down about a month ago when a little old lady in a beautiful '67 Camaro got lost and decided to slam on the brakes in the middle of a stretch of road I travel on all of the time, which probably led to my complacency. Anti-lock might have saved me, but so would better reaction time (46 y.o. now) and focus. I did more damage to my gear than the bike, and my frame and axle sliders preformed nicely. Replaced the right bar end, Vagabond frame slider, right footpeg (actually snapped off!), and the right-side air intake (minor scuff), and may replace the brake lever too. My Joe Rocket Speedmaster jacket (white) survived, but needs a bit of repair, and my LS2 helmet took a minor hit, so it was replaced. My Knox Richmond (cordura/kevlar plus CE armor) jeans were unscathed, as were my Rocket gloves. Rode my bike home, fixed it up, and went right back at it, albeit with a better focus and greater following distance in traffic. Strangely enough, although initially a bit sore all over, my right heel has been the biggest issue, still hurting 4 weeks later. Must have slammed it down in the get-off maybe? Glad you are OK, and as the old saying goes - there are those who have gone down, and those that will. Learning is sometimes a bit painful, but you will be better for it.
  5. Mirrors sold and shipped...
  6. No, bought it used this spring, and decided to change back to stock on the mirrors and levers, go with a smaller windscreen, and never use the X-grip...
  7. Hi Bill - I am sorry, but it is only listed for the 2015-2017 models.
  8. I gave it a quick wipe with it, but Novus #2 fine scratch remover (~$3-$4) would work best, but it is really not that problematic except up close and at a certain angle - the new owner can decide best...
  9. No problem - it is a nice windscreen (takes all wind off chest), but gives me a bit of noise at bottom of my helmet, and I prefer a bit more wind in warmer weather. Thought about keeping it for cooler weather, but decided to clear out some items. That last pic is the worst side - prior owner must of not heard of Plexus... Oh, and shipping from 14094 (western NY)
  10. Here are some additional pics of the windscreen and mirrors as requested - the microscratches are only visible in certain angles and lighting (much like they are on many car paint surfaces). I should add that the screen can be polished with a simple plastic polish, but I am too lazy to do so. The mirrors are essentially perfect...
  11. Have the following for sale, taken off of my bike, all in good condition: 1) MRA double-bubble windscreen - new $145, asking $75 plus shipping (only minor issue is micro scratches from cleaning) 2) CRG Hindsight Lanesplitter bar-end mirrors (both L & R) - new $140, asking $70 plus shipping (no issues, but need the $18 adapters from Revzilla to mount) 3) RAM Mounts universal X-grip cell phone holder - new $60, asking $30 plus shipping (no issues, does not include $4 rubber "safety" tether, but I never needed it behind the MRA screen) 4) Ride It CNC adjustable "shorty" brake and clutch levers, black color - new $40-$60, asking $20 plus shipping (no issues, very solid w/ red adjusters, but I prefer larger levers for my XL hands) If bought all together, price is $175 plus shipping - see pic below...
  12. zooman72

    Turn Signals

    How readily obtained for those of us other the other side of "the pond", and how is installation?
  13. zooman72

    WindScreen Dilemma!!

    Grey smoke, but it is black on the lower half, with a thin gradient line, and then the smoke for the upper section...

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