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  1. Bags arrived today (a day early) and I wasted no time putting them on since I will need them this afternoon. Very impressed with the low mount system, it was incredibly easy to install and should fit my needs perfectly. I love the quick detach nature of these since I anticipate taking them off and putting them back on as needed. Great product.
  2. Got my Shrike low mount bags installed this morning. Very happy with them thus far. Money well spent.
  3. Ordered my Shrike low mount bags on Sunday, they get delivered/installed tomorrow. Really looking forward to it.
  4. Liquidmetal

    Hydraulic clutch conversion

    That looks very good, nice clean install.
  5. No banner here. Maybe my adblocker is killing it...
  6. I like cruisers. I have a Kawasaki Vulcan that keeps my FZ company in the garage. A comfy and relaxing ride that is a nice departure from the FZ for when I am in the mood for such. I was intending to sell it when I bought the FZ, but then decided to keep it, I enjoy tooling around on it. Always had a thing for the Yamaha Stryker as well.
  7. Liquidmetal

    Chain tension noob questions

    B is my interpretation as well.
  8. Ordered my set today (low mount). Wasn't intending to spend this much on bags, but the system is too nice to ignore. Eagerly awaiting the arrival of these bags, pretty sure I will love them.
  9. Measured the brake lever. From the center of the pivot bolt to the end of the lever is 6.25 inches. Flat logo area is 1.88 inches. Flat logo area out to the end of the lever is 2.63 inches.
  10. Liquidmetal

    Nooby Chain lube questions

    Maxima Chain Wax is all I will ever use. Not only does it do a great job of lubricating and protecting the chain, it absolutely stays put. I get zero fling with the stuff. Love it.
  11. Liquidmetal

    Lovely classics from new parts

    Oh hell yeah. Very nice. Makes me wish I still had my '78 Kawa KZ650SR. Would have been fun to do something similar with it.
  12. I can do that. I have some doubt that they are what you are looking for. One of the main reasons I bought them is that a few of the reviewers said that they were slightly longer than your typical shorties. That is what I was looking for.
  13. Liquidmetal

    My 2018 MT-07 w/ some TST Parts

    Bike mods look great. Are there no bugs in Colorado? Front of my FZ looks like the bug apocalypse right now. First ride after washing it and it looks the same.
  14. Ordered some new levers today. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LNEGSHU/ref=psdc_5285448011_t3_B01C5MQKCM
  15. Installed my Vagabond frame sliders yesterday. Gonna clean and lube the chain for the first time today. The FZ will get its second oil change (at 500 or so miles) tomorrow. Did the first one at 115 miles.

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