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  1. Liquidmetal

    Fender Eliminators

    I have the Vagabond fender eliminator kit. Quality kit, I like it lots.
  2. Ordered an Ermax 39cm windscreen for the FZ this morning from Motomachines: https://www.motomachines.com/ermax-nose-screen-39cm-for-yamaha-fz-07.html Currently have a MRA Double Bubble windscreen on the bike and I like it fine, does everything I expect it to do and looks pretty good doing it. Was wanting to try a different look, which is why I chose the Ermax screen. Slightly larger than the MRA (33cm) and I ordered it in red (FZ is rapid red). Whereas the dark smoke MRA does a pretty good job of blending in with the headlight and handlebar assemblies of the bike, the red Ermax will be much more pronounced on the bike. Time will tell if I like the look or not. Thought about painting the MRA to achieve the same look, but decided to keep it original so I can swap back to it if I feel so inclined.
  3. Liquidmetal

    Red Rider

    Just like mine, 2017 in rapid red.
  4. Liquidmetal


    I have the same sliders and like them. Super easy install, haven't tested them and don't ever want to.
  5. Yesterday I (finally) passed 1000 miles on the FZ. It got it's third oil change and this time it got the good stuff: Motul 7100 10w-40. Also cleaned and lubed the chain. Made time today to give my wheels a thorough cleaning. The back wheel was pretty filthy. Days like this when I really appreciate the shaft drive on my other bike. Rear wheel stays just as clean as the front.
  6. Tail bag might also be a consideration if you don't need to carry a passenger at the same time. I have a Viking Bags medium sport tail bag to go with my Shrike saddlebags. Never really cared for tank bags personally.
  7. Liquidmetal

    Fork spacer for more preload?

    Did you put a washer between the spacer and the spring or does the PVC spacer rest directly on the spring? Never having taken the FZ's forks apart before, not sure what else I might need if/when I go to do this.
  8. Liquidmetal

    Fork spacer for more preload?

    Glad this thread was resurrected. Sounds like something I would want to pursue, especially when it seems so easy to do.
  9. Liquidmetal

    MT07 rebuild/custom project

  10. Dark colored rims for me, anything else is too hard to keep clean looking. Quite content with the black rims on mine.
  11. Agree. Really hoping this thing would/will come in under 400 lbs. wet, significantly under that number would be ideal.
  12. Liquidmetal

    WindScreen Dilemma!!

    I have the MRA Double Bubble and it does a pretty good job of keeping the wind blast off my chest, everything else gets hit with the full force. I am very satisfied with it overall, didn't expect anymore out of it than what it provides.
  13. Liquidmetal

    Anyone in Madison, Wisconsin?

    Oshkosh here.

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