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  1. The good show

    MT07 rebuild/custom project

    A quick progress update. I've had a mad month at work but I've managed to squeeze in a few evenings to get the wheels set up. Better photos to follow as soon as I can come up for air. So, here's the latest ECU Flashed by Dave woods racing to remove the closed loop so my PCV and autotune can access the full rev range Motogadget grips and bar end mirrors Accossato clutch lever (wish i had gone brembo ) DNA High flow air filter Replaced stock fork spring with Hyperpro progressive springs and 15W oil Powder coated black rims Fitted Avon trailrider tyres front and back Brembo radial disc in the rear EDC radial discs up front New sprocket set I'm opting for a Magura HC1 brake lever and Venhill braided lines. After that, the hard part is done and it's onto lights and bodywork
  2. The good show

    MT07 rebuild/custom project

    I spent a while looking at different cartridge options but in the end, settled for a straightforward upgrade to Hyperpro progressive springs and oil. I figured if I'm still unhappy with the feel I've only blown £110. I'll keep an eye out for the Nitron cartridges - if they're half as good as the shock then they'll be money well spent.
  3. The good show

    MT07 rebuild/custom project

    Yeah it's going to be a proper terror. I had the R1 on for a while before the strip down. Made a huge difference to the ride - felt a lot more confident in the corners afterward.
  4. The good show

    MT07 rebuild/custom project

    I didn't know he wrote it off. Tragic. I looked at the JVB fender but it seems to come pre-painted so I think I'll go with the Rizoma curved fender for the XSR 700. They use the same forks so I'm assuming it'll be a direct fit for the FZ07. After much deliberation, I've settled on a Koso 7" headlight and Motogadget Mblaze indicators for the front lights which means I'll need to have custom headlight brackets machined. Not something I've done before but I'm getting pretty good at Fusion 360 so I'm optimistic...
  5. The good show

    MT07 rebuild/custom project

    Coming soon. I've been distracted with my work and lack of funds so the bike build has slowed but i'll be getting the front wheels on in the next couple of weeks. I'll make sure to post pics as soon as I have them.
  6. The good show

    MT07 rebuild/custom project

    I'm slowly getting there. I'm ready to get the wheels and brake lines back on (upgrading to avon trailriders, magura master cylinder, venhill braided lines, brembo rear and ebc front discs). I've loaned out my camera but as soon as I have it back I'll post some updated images. It's been a fun build but not one without it's issues. I've learned a hell of a lot and I'm a lot more intimate with the bike - which was a big part of why I decided to take the project on.
  7. The good show

    MT07 rebuild/custom project

    ooo, he's done a nice job on that. I'm also changing up my front fender for something more rounded. Taking a lot of cues from the Husqvarna Vitpilen. Changing up the fork springs and oil is super easy - just make sure you pick up a damper rod holding tool. Avoid the overpriced yamaha version. I picked up an aftermarket version for a Kawasaki that worked a treat and cost peanuts - http://www.gpzzone.co.uk/acatalog/Tools.html
  8. The good show

    MT07 rebuild/custom project

    Nothing mental - upgrading fork oil and springs to a hyperpro progressive set and changing up the stock headlight for a Koso 7" round and Motogadget mblaze indicators. At the moment things have stalled because of a lack of $$$ but that's next on the agenda.
  9. The good show

    Releasing Cam chain tensioner

    honestly, it's baffling. There's a small, threaded bolt that you remove to get to the adjuster but that's it. unless hex 1 comes installed in a brand new cct?
  10. The good show

    Releasing Cam chain tensioner

    ok, so it ended up being a 3mm hex. My cct hasn't actually failed - I just need to release tension on the cam chain so I can easily remove it. thanks for all the tips!
  11. The manual mentions a hex tool used to compress/release the cam chain tensioner but, for the life of me, I can't find one online. I've tried various hex sockets sizes and none seem to fit. Has anyone had any experience with this or know an alternative way to adjust the tensioner?
  12. The good show

    MT07 camshaft end cover hex size?

  13. Hey guys, I need to remove the crankshaft end cover (1 in the diagram attached) to check my valve clearances. Does anyone know the hex size required to remove it? The manual only gives the thread size
  14. The good show

    Fz07 Rake angle?

    Thanks for the heads up I'm keeping all the geometry the same for now and just using the rake to work out the angle to make the headlight perpendicular to the ground.
  15. The good show

    R6 thottle tube

    I'm completely swapping out the stock throttle mechanism for a Venhill 888 fast action throttle. It ships with two rotors - one which pulls 36mm in 90 degrees and the other in 80. I'm not sure if you could just opt to swap out the tube, rather than the entire housing.

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