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  1. JayMT07

    Hole in tail after tail tidy?

    Isn’t the bottom piece supposed to go under the side panels? It does on the 2018 atleast.
  2. JayMT07

    Finally joined the club!

    I'm just shy of 6000 km right now and the bike is "complete" minus an ECU flash that I'll get done over the winter months. Current pics minus the TST integrated tail light Mods/additions: - Yoshi Fender eliminator - TST Integrated tail light (smoked) - TST MECH GTR turn signals (smoked with white halo) - Mo-Door garage opener (taken off my old bike) - Yamaha flyscreen - Akrapovic Ti with Carbon tip exhaust - LED headlight and auxiliary lights - Ali Express mirrors with extenders - Evotech radiator guard - Evotech passenger delete - EBay Chinese coolant reservoir guard - QuadLock phone mount - Yamaha heated grips - CRG RC2 adjustable shorty levers - Battery Tender USB charger - Wheel/rim stickers - Moved my instrument panel forward 20mm
  3. Great news on the TST smoked integrated tail light. My wife and I just came back from a little day ride and she said both the brake light and turn signals were very noticeable. I was happy to hear this after the TST flush mount pods weren't noticeable during daylight hours.
  4. Smoked. @208MT07 in the post above mine shows the clear.
  5. Installed the smoked TST integrated tail light on my 2018. I'm quite pleased with the brightness and various settings. Pics were taken with the sun directly behind the bike with no overcast.
  6. @208MT07 Looks great! Mine came in the mail today as well. I’ll install it tonight and get some daytime pics tomorrow.
  7. Looking forward to seeing pics in daylight of the clear integrated tail light. I have the smoked version on the way. I'll post pics when I receive it.
  8. I have a Kriega US20, 2x US10, and the R20 back pack. Amazing bags and system. On longer trips I’ll have the US20 on the passenger seat and strap a US10 on either side. I keep rain gear, fluids, and other stuff I’ll need during the ride in the R20. My wife uses the R30 back pack and a US10 for a tail bag on her Rebel 500. I’ll agree with @FZ07R WaNaB that over is better than through.
  9. Will fit FZ07/MT07 of any year. Excellent condition Hardware included Asking $90 USD or $120 CAD Please PM me if interested
  10. Went on a ride with my wife following on her Rebel 500 and these lights are terrible during daylight hours. She said she could barely see them until she was right up on me. Really hoping the integrated tail light is much better when it arrives.
  11. @shawn724 It's currently only in the preordering stage, which I've done. There's been no word on when it's expected to ship. https://tstindustries.com/TST-LED-Integrated-Tail-Light-Yamaha-MT-07-2018-.html
  12. Figured I'd try to mount some front TST flushmount signals to the rear while I wait for the '18 integrated brake light. I switched sides on my Yoshi FE signal brackets and came up with this (see pics). When the integrated light light comes in I'll most likely keep these for increased visibility.
  13. I'm in Ontario as well and have ordered a few things from them. They typically ship 4-5 days after the order is placed. I think it's because they have to order the items in as well. Once it's shipped, it generally takes 4-6 business days to arrive at your door from out West. Royal Distributing and Fortnine are other places located in Canada that I've ordered from. Speed and Strength as well. Overseas, I've ordered from Motardinn with good results.
  14. Got around to putting wheel stickers on. Having the rear paddock and front triple tree stands were a bonus for applying them. Here's one pic I'd post more but file size is killing me.
  15. @mick97702 Installed the MECH-GTRs with relay today. They look amazing design wise. Brightness from the sides is a bit dim, head on they seem bright enough. The DRLs aren't visible from the front, so essentially useless. Install was easy but I'm not sold on the ratchet backing design. I'd much prefer something a bit more secure. I do have a set of TST flushmounts on the way. I'm going to try these on the rear by swapping the brackets on the Yoshi FE from one side to another. I should have enough wire length. Here's a pic with the hazard lights on in the sun.

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